Suyyash Rai's 12-week stay at the "Bigg Boss 9" house came to a shocking end right after Nora Fatehi's eviction.

Surprised and a tad disappointed, the actor spilled beans on how the voting system works and what his plans are, now that he has been set free.

After he stepped out, he was informed by his sister Shruti that he had received second highest votes last week and yet was shown the doors. This automatically led him to believe that some part of the voting arrangement is rigged.

"As a human, I do feel cheated but its fine. They are selling a product and have full right to do what is better for the show. I totally understand that even the makers need to run their show. They have to choose a person who fights and gives content to them," The Times of India quoted him as saying.

However, this hasn't marred his spirit as he looking forward to a few developments in life, marriage for instance. Although upset about not being able to ring in his fifth anniversary with girlfriend Kishwer Merchantt inside the house, Suyyash is upbeat about their marriage, which is to take place sometime in February.

Further, he spoke about how Salman Khan is irreplaceable adding that it was real sweet of him to sit him down, point out where he went wrong. The TV star hopes to work with the "Sultan" actor soon. "I am not that kind of person who will go and ask for work. But yes, I sang few songs and he really liked my voice. He has also offered me to play for his 'CCL' team. So let's see how it goes," he told the leading daily.