"Bigg Boss 9" contestant Suyyash Rai may be in a committed relationship with girlfriend Kishwer Merchantt for the past five years, but a shocking truth about the angry young man will leave his fans speechless.

A video has surfaced online where Suyyash confessed that during his struggling days, he had sex for money. He went on to say that as he wasn't comfortable asking for money from his parents and hence accepted an offer to have sex with an older lady. He was paid Rs 40,000 for the same.

The video, uploaded by RJ Anirudh Chawla, is a part of "Balls-India's first reality film on sex", directed and anchored by RJ Anirudh himself.

In an interview with Daily Bhaskar, RJ Anirudh talked about his film: "This portion of Suyyash talking about his life as a struggler is a part of my film, 'B***s-India's first reality film on sex'. It is one of its kinds where 13 people including me talk openly about sex, desires, fantasy, domestic violence, casting couch and rape.

"We were locked in a room for three days. Whatever we were discussing was captured in the cameras. The main motive of this film was to open about these big issues without censorship. Everyone present shared their personal experiences on these subjects. The content might be explosive; but it's all about the reality."

Talking more about Suyyash's confession, R J Anirudh said: "In this film, Suyyash has revealed that he worked as gigolo in his struggling days. But, this is the reality faced by so many strugglers. Usually, people refuse to say the truth; but he openly admitted. Well, this is what the whole film is all about."