Day 18 of "Bigg Boss 9" was comparatively a bit more entertaining than the previous episodes. 

The day started with Keith Sequeira and captain Prince Narula's chat, where the former told the captain that he will be by his side even if other inmates go against him. On the other hand, Prince sorted out his differences with Kishwer Merchantt, with whom he had a major fight during the previous day's "Friends Page" task.

Later in the afternoon, Bigg Boss announced that since the housemates' performance in the luxury budget task -- "Friends Page" -- was highly disappointing, they wouldn't gain any points for their luxury budget. But Bigg Boss gave them an opportunity to earn a few points by actively participating in the next task -- "Ssshh! Bachha Jag Jaayega".

The task required all the housemates to maintain absolute silence when a chosen inmate was put through extreme pain. In case they fail to remain silent, a baby placed in the cradle will start crying and the housemates will lose points.

Mandana Karimi volunteered for the first task where she had to put on a hat, the string of which was repeatedly pulled and released on her chin. Digangana Suryavanshi braved an ice bucket challenge wherein five ice buckets were poured over her head. Keith performed the third task that required him to receive repeated kicks on his posterior.

Next was Rochelle Rao and Vikas Bhalla, who had to rest their heads at one end of a tennis table while a girl would hit them on the face with tennis balls from the other end.

Later at night, Suyyash volunteered to wax his leg and surprisingly, he silently endured the pain. 

Having successfully completed all the painful tasks, the housemates were rewarded with points with which they shopped for their necessities. 

As the day came to an end, the couples of the house, Suyyash-Kishwer and Keith-Rochelle were seen sharing some private moments together.