"Bigg Boss 9" is getting interesting with every passing day as contestants create one or the other controversy on the show. Recently, two of the couples were spotted getting intimate inside the house.

The two couples, Keith Sequeira-Rochelle Rao and Suyyash Rai-Kishwer Merchant, were seen having some cozy time in bed without being bothered by the cameras.

Some photos have appeared in which Keith and Rochelle are seen kissing each other in bed, while the lights were turned off. Similar photos of Suyyash and Kishwer have also surfaced in which the love birds are seen getting intimate.

These are the only real-life couples inside the "Bigg Boss 9" house and they were apparently unperturbed about the presence of cameras. 

Earlier, there were reports that Keith and Rochelle were having some problems in their relationship when Mandana Karimi was Keith's partner in the house. However, every contestant is now playing the game individually and it seems ever since then, things have turned for good for the couple.

Meanwhile, Prince Narula has been declared as the captain of the house, after he competed against Suyyash in a task for the title.