Gautam Gulati
Gautam GulatiGautam Gulati/ Instagram

Honestly, "Bigg Boss 8" is all about Gautam Gulati. With an ever-expanding fan base, he is easily one of most-followed contestant of the series.

On Saturday's "Finale ka Twist", Salman Khan announced the top-5 Champions based on the number of votes they had received. Topping the leader board with maximum support was Gautam Gulati, followed by Pritam Singh, Karishma Tanna, Dimpy Mahajan and Ali Quli Mirza.

Reportedly, the "Diya Aur Baati Hum" toppled his co-housemates by a huge margin. And, if the show wasn't extended with the "Bigg Boss Halla Bol" series coming into the picture, he would have lifted the coveted trophy on Saturday for sure.

Apart from his many followers, even some of the evicted contestants felt that there's a high chance of Gautam winning the show.

The suave actor entered the mad house as a reserved personality, but soon made himself an object of scorn. Hurling abuses at Karishma Tanna cost him his bonding with fellow inmates as everyone cornered him for his wrong doings. However, he came out of the mess stronger and popular.

Cut to, 'Gautam City' task, during which he entertained restoring a broken friendship and making fresh enemies. His sincerity and straightforwardness gave him a brilliant set of admirers.

Meanwhile, with the shoe-hurling and unceremonious eviction, the Challengers – Sambhavna Seth, Rahul Mahajan, Sana Khan, Mahek Chahal – have, for sure, set the ball rolling as far as the TRP is concerned. The new format, unfortunately, hasn't been appreciated by some evicted contestants.

Puneet Issar, who reportedly said he would want Gautam to win, opined that the new concept was unfair for the Champions. "The new concept of the show is very unfair and had I been at the champion's place, I would have protested and taught the challengers a lesson. These five people, who have been inside the house for more than three months don't have a reality check, whereas the five challengers know everything that has been happening inside the house," IBN Live quoted him as saying.