Vikram promoted his forthcoming film "I" on reality TV show "Bigg Boss 8". While the Kollywood star preferred to speak in English, he made Salman Khan speak in Tamil. (Find the video below)

Chiyaan's special episode was aired on Monday, 29 December and Salman introduced the "Anniyan" star to the audience by heaping praises on the movie and its quality.

Salman wondered how Vikram manages to look different every time he meets him. It is a known fact that the Tamil star keeps changing his physique every now and then for his films.

Salman Khan with Vikram
A photo from Vikram's special "I" promotional episode on "Bigg Boss 8".IB Times India

Responding to Salman's comment, Vikram jovially said that his wife keeps telling him: "Look at Salman, why can't u become like him!" Chiyaan added that he loves Salman's confidence and attitude.

Vikram compared Salman to Rajinikanth and said that both the stars rise above their scripts. Adding to the fun, Chiyaan even made Salman mouth a few words in Tamil.

This eventually became a debating topic among Tamil cine-goers on social media and his fans praised the actor for the same. Later, Salman claimed that he has seen the promos of the film and he is highly impressed. 

Upen Patel, one of the contestants of "Bigg Boss 8", also has a role in "I". The movie will release worldwide on 14 January in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi languages.

"I", which has Amy Jackson in the female lead role, is made with a huge budget and  is produced by Aascar Ravichandran. The movie is directed by Shankar. The audio of the Hindi version of the movie has been released on 30 December.