Gautam Gulati
Gautam GulatiGautam Gulati/ Instagram

Day 88 in the "Bigg Boss 8" house was one of mayhem and confusion.

While Upen Patel was ready to pick fight to anyone who attempted to cross his path, Gautam Gulati was calm and collected the whole time. The 'Hijack' task, which became more popular after Gulati hurled abuses at Karishma Tanna for having smeared red chilli paste on his face, was on until Dimpy Mahajan rubbed Pritam Singh the wrong way.

Calling him names and using abusive language, Mahajan got into a major war of words with the RJ, after which he quit the task. Gulati, who stuck on to his chair a little longer than Tanna, emerged victorious earning immunity for the 15th week.

Ali Quli Mirza and Patel got into a bitter fight wherein the two were openly challenging in each other. However, the matter was resolved when the housemates intervened asking the two to put an end to the tiff.

Morning after, some of the housemates were heard gossiping about how Patel's unruly and weird behaviour is killing everyone's mood and that he has been losing his cool much too often.

In other news, Praneet Bhatt is the new captain of the house and has defeated Mahajan and Sonali Raut in the race. The said contestants were given a task during which they would have to stand atop an elevated structure while another contestant would hit them hard with a giant swinging structure, more like a ball.

Joking about Raut's big fall on getting hit by it, Singh said reportedly said he had never seen such a class act. Mirza, on the other hand, was elated at Bhatt's win saying that the week would be a smooth one and everyone would have the liberty to do what they wanted to do.