Gautam Gulati, Upen Patel
Upen Patel threatens to destroy Gautam Gulati's faceBigg Boss 8/ Facebook

From slapping to giving death threats, contestants of "Bigg Boss 8" are making the reality show more dramatic day by day.

After Sonali Raut and Ali Quli Mirza's slap-gate incident, now Gautam Gulati and Upen Patel's fight has grabbed viewers' attention.

Upen and Gautam, who were good friends during the start of the show, can't see each other eye to eye now. The two had been fighting on some or the other issues inside the "Bigg Boss" house. This Tuesday the two were seen having argument, which escalated into tussle following which Upen gave death threats to Gautam.

On Tuesday, Upen told Gautam that he would punch him in the face if he tries to provoke him. Ali, Puneet Issar and other housemates intervened in the matter, but Gautam and Upen warned them to stay away from the matter. Upen, who was aggressive, also threatened to kill Gautam.

Later "Bigg Boss" warned Upen and Gautam of severe consequences and also said that they would be eliminated from the show. While "Bigg Boss" just warned the duo, viewers demanded Upen's eviction for threatening Gautam.

Viewers asked "Bigg Boss" to take action against Upen for threatening other contestants in the house.

Check out viewers reactions below:

@MhtRajeev: Death threat to #Gautam Yaro is bar Upen ko bahar karna hi h..Vote for other. Upen tu to gaya

@ACAamitkedia: @BiggBoss @upenpatelworld shut ur nonsense...y nothng against upen who gave death threat to much biasnedness to losoer #BB8

@ShashanKExpress: Upen even gives death threats to Gautam.@BiggBoss asks 2

be mature n warns them of severe consequences eviction frm #BB8 .@BeingSalmanKhan

@ACAamitkedia: No action @BiggBoss @ColorsTV @EndemolIndia on upen who gave death threatening to all can give the same as no action taken #BB8

‏@p_hilophobic: Threatening physical harm and death on someone is not permissible and it's definitely not a joke! Upen, grow up and be mature!

@Hanalovesshahid: There is a limit to a fight...Upen can't just go and give death threats. Everyone should agree on this even if ur a GG hater. #BB8