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"Bigg Boss 8" host Salman Khan dropped a bomb on the contestants when he said that there will be double elimination this week. Last week, there was no eviction and hence this week, as Salman said, will be two eliminations.

"Weekend Ka Vaar" started with Salman setting the records straight with contestants. Salman criticised Karishma Tanna's captaincy and said she was not a fair captain. He also said that Ali Quli Mirza was the best captain of the house until now.

He also condemned Gautam Gulati's decision of staying away from Diandra Soares. Later, he announced the name of the contestants who are safe and unsafe.

Dimpy Mahajan, Puneet Issar, Gautam and Ali were declared safe on Saturday's episode while Sonali Raut, Upen Patel, Diandra, Praneet Bhatt and Pritam Singh were declared unsafe.

And as usual he ended Saturday's show leaving audience and contestants anxious for Sunday's episode. However, viewers have already revealed the name of the contestant who will get eliminated this week.

And the housemate who will leave the show on Sunday is none other than Diandra. According to reports, Diandra has got the least number of votes, and also she wasn't well.

There are rumours that Upen would also get evicted this week, if double elimination takes place.

Viewers can watch the live stream of "Weekend Ka Vaar" with Salman here. One can also follow the 24/7 live feed from the "Bigg Boss 8" house to get live updates.

Check out viewers' reactions on "Weekend Ka Vaar" show below:

@SonaliFan: These Diandra fans will see Diandra is out tomorrow, idiots

@GautamGang: Diandra Soares is evicted from the Bigg Boss house.

@Hosna_Sayed: Diandra is evicted from the #bb8 house. once again BB saves Upen despite the fact tht the guy doesn't do anything on the show #smh

@BiggBoss8Latest: Confirmed : As per the Vote List we provided, 'Diandra Soares' is finally evicted from the house #BB8 #livefeed

‏@neha_kdm: So Diandra is going to be evicted?! I'm glad! She was quite vulnerable to manipulation. Be it from Tanna/Upen or Gautam/Puneet! #bb8