Sambhavna Seth, Dimpy Mahajan, Rahul Mahajan
Sambhavna Seth, Dimpy Mahajan, Rahul MahajanBigg Boss 8/ Facebook

Apart from the fun tasks, day 107 saw a broken bond heal to a certain extent in the "Bigg Boss 8" house.

Rahul and Dimpy Mahajan's marriage is fractured with a pending divorce but on the show, things are beginning to look up or may be not? Miss poke artist wilfully called her estranged husband into the bedroom asking him to name five good qualities in her.

Rahul readily obliged saying she has immense respect for elders and loves celebrating festivals adding that she is a loyal friend. While this was on, Sambhavna Seth, who was in the kitchen with Sana Khan, opined that the two might come together again. Sana, who supported the idea of it happening, said it must have been hard on them as people interfere a lot in such matters.

Later in the day, while fruit-stealing task was on, Sambhavna expressed her resentment over Rahul's growing closeness with Dimpy. While she accused him of not respecting the sibling bond, the other Challenger said his 'outgoing' wife will always be a good friend adding that no one can break the friendship they share.

Shocked and disappointed, Sambhavna was later heard complaining to Sana how Rahul has changed colors for the show. Apparently, before entering the mad house he had requested her to become his mouthpiece and tell everyone how Dimpy ruined his life. She was taken aback with his sudden decision to be cordial with the poking artist.

Calling the friendship fake and saying that he was only doing it for the show, Sambhavna vowed to uncover the real truth if she survives the elimination on Saturday. So is the friendship true or are they both putting up a show for the game's sake? Only time will tell.

However, since the voting lines have been closed this week, in all probabilities, none of the nominated Challengers will be evicted. In other news, in the prelude to day 108, Rahul calls Dimpy a 'Naagin' (Cobra) which lands Sambhavna an opportunity to create a rift between the two.