Sonali Raut and Ali Mirza
Sonali Raut Slapped Ali Quli Mirza for Inappropriate CommentFacebook

Day 68 of "Bigg Boss 8" brought in a lot of politics among housemates over the captaincy round and witnessed some sleazy romance between Diandra Soares and Gautam Gulati.

The day started with the housemates giving a cold shoulder to Ali Quli Mirza after the incident when Sonali Raut slapped the former over his ill remark. The inmates were seen indulging in some verbal spats with Ali, who in turn simply kept on denying of having said anything wrong against anyone.

Later for the captaincy round, Bigg Boss gave a chance to inmates who never had the opportunity to rule the house. Karishma Tanna, Renee Dhyani, Sonali, Pritam Singh, Dimpy Mahajan and Praneet Bhatt were the contenders for the captaincy round.

For the captaincy task, the previous captains of the season had the privilege of choosing one out of the six members, who according to them can take over the house for the next week.

As per the task, the ex-captains needed to empty bottles kept in front of the contestants' pictures and the last bottle with liquid in it would be the next captain. 

However, the task brought in a lot of politics and revealed some hidden grudges among the contestants.

Karishma lashed out at Gautam, who chose to eliminate her, as she felt that she was a stronger contender and worthy of being a captain than the rest.

The last contenders to survive the captaincy task were Sonali and Renee and interestingly, Ali was the last one to choose the winner between the two.

Getting even with Sonali for slapping him, he eliminated the "Xpose" actress making way for Renee to become the next captain.

Meanwhile, the growing closeness between Diandra and Gautam had gone a little far this time as after a small tiff between the two, Diandra was seen taking the former inside the bathroom.

While, what happened inside the locked doors is not known, Renee later in her witty style asked Gautam to remove the lip colour from his face.

Surprisingly, late at night, Sonali, who has not been bonding well with Gautam for the past few weeks, expressed her feelings for the actor and said she loved him. Shocked Gautam reached out to his guru Puneet Issar, who advised him to play back on Sonali as well.

Will there be a love triangle between Gautam, Diandra and Sonali inside "Bigg Boss 8" house? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, here are some twitter reactions on Renee's captaincy.

Anish Shah: "new #reneedhyani may end up unleashing the inevitable paradox of tasks in #BiggBoss8 as a result of raghu's mtv roadies #BS #BB8MysteryWeek"

Pujendra: "Actually no one wanted #ReneeDhyani to become captain but ego of Housemates made her captain #BiggBoss8 #BB8 @BiggBoss"

Don.S : #ReneeDhyani either has a major personality disorder or is mentally not right. She needs to leave the house. #BB8 @BiggBoss @BeingSalmanKhan