Kamaal R Khan
Kamaal R Khan condemns Gautam-Diandra's bathroom act, calls Ali 'undignified'Facebook Official Page KRK

Actor, producer, critic and trade expert Kamaal R Khan aka KRK, who is best known for his scathing remarks, has had a few harsh words for blooming lovebirds Gautam Gulati and Diandra Soares' bathroom act.

"I can't understand whether it's #BiggBoss8 house or sex house where Diandra takes Gautam in bathroom to have sex. Is it really family show?" he tweeted adding, "Every year some shameless ppl have sex in #BiggBoss house n producers show all that purposely for TRP when they can simply edit tat portion."

This tweet came in reaction to Gulati-Soares' secret washroom act, in which the latter rushes the birthday boy to give a gift. The two, who peeled away from each other after the first week following a tiff, have finally ironed out their differences.

Spotted at lawn, Gulati and Soares are often seen sharing long conversations and some sweet nothings. However, when a few days ago the "Diya Aur Baati Hum" actor tried to nuzzle up to the supermodel, she had requested him to maintain distance stating personal reasons. But, the prelude to Friday's episode show, she has finally shed her inhibitions and is ready to shower some much-needed love on Gulati.

Another major highlight from day 68 will be the verdict on the Sonali Raut-Ali Quli Mirza slapgate. Puneet Issar triggered a fight, accusing the latter of making inappropriate comments about the "Xpose" actress.

Contestants, who were at a breaking point and tired of Mirza's antiques, appealed for justice and stood united against the "Roar" actor. In other news, KRK, who almost has expert comments on every matter at hand, called Mirza "undignified" in his tweet.

"I have never seen so big Zaleel, Beizzat n undignified person as Ali. How can a person stay in #BiggBoss8 after getting slapped by a girl?" he posted.

However, as penalty, Raut has been nominated for elimination for the entire season and Mirza, who was tucked away in a secret room after falling ill, has re-entered the show.