The latest promo of 'Bigg Boss 15' shows Karan Kundraa and Tejasswi Prakash getting into an ugly fight with Karan angrily smashing a glass.

Initially Tejasswi was talking to Umar Riaz and how she saved him from nomination. She asked Rashami why she never saved her and Rashami says that she often saved Karan but the issue was created when Rashami said that Tejasswi is feeling insecure as she is saving Karan.

Karan Kundra
Karan KundraMovie Stills

But Tejasswi denied the fact saying she will be rather happy if Karan is saved. This leads to the fight between them.

Later, wild card contestant Rashami Desai tells Karan that his girlfriend Tejasswi has some problem with her and she is being insecure and it is difficult for Rashami to handle it.

Karan replies to Rashami, saying: "I don't appreciate what she said." Later on the dining table both Tejasswi and Rashami have a heated conversation. Tejasswi gets furious at Rashami as she continues to talk. This infuriates Tejasswi and she shouts at her. Karan intervenes and asks Tejassi to stay calm.

Tejasswi Prakash
Tejasswi PrakashPR Handout

On this, Tejasswi replies: "The more you ask me to calm down, the more I will shout."

Karan walks away from Tejasswi as she shouts at him and asks her if she has any manners to talk to him. "There is some proper way to talk and I am not here to listen to all this useless talk" as he throws a glass in anger, adding: "Is it a way to talk to me?"

Tejasswi is seen wiping her tears and leaves the kitchen.