As the game heats up with each passing week in Bigg Boss, we see new rivalries being created. With the housemates locked in for so long, friction is inevitable. However, we will witness one of the major fights between Sonali Phogat and Rubina Dilaik. The argument turns into an abusive verbal spat.  

Rubina and Sonali

Rubina Dilaik after Sonali Phogat's verbal spat turns ugly

Each day we see housemates entering into an argument, to date, everyone inside the house has shown their aggression except, Sonali Phogat. 

In the upcoming episode, we will see the Sonali locking horns with housemate Rubina Dilaik. The fight will get so intense that it will take a nasty turn.

During the live feed of Bigg Boss 14, a major fight erupted between Rubina and Sonali. They got into a heated argument and took nasty jibes at one another.

Fans divided between Sonali and Rubina

Fans noticed this fight on social media where Sonali uses inappropriate slang for Rubina and calls her 'haramzaadi'. Some of the fans thought it was Rubina, who used the word first, they shared a video, wherein Sonali abuses her first. Rubina then hits back at Sonali that being a mother would use the same word for her daughter.

Sonali threatens Rubina

Reportedly, in the said feed, Sonali even threatened her of dire consequences after the show ends.

Fans took a stand for Rubina and showed their support on Twitter.

Check out a few Tweets below:

Rubina and Sonali Fight

 Meanwhile in tonight's episode

Eijaz, Rubina and Abhinav will enter into a major fight over 'muesli' that the housemates will be fighting for. Eijaz claim that he will eat muesli thrice a day from now on!  

Rubina and Eijaz fight over muesli

It so happens that, Eijaz gets upset with Rubina as she only cooks health food. This doesn't go down well with her, and she hits back at  Eijaz saying that he has always complained about having a bad stomach. She requests them not to eat impulsively, but the housemates seem not to like it one bit. Rahul turns and says that her request seems more like an order and she is no one to order them! Ultimately, Rubina is fed up with how the housemates are behaving with her.