Bigg Boss 14 is nearing its finale and each day we see a new drama unfolding inside the house. We are all aware of Rakhi Sawant's antics, and undoubtedly she gives the audience and the inmates' unlimited dose of entertainment. We love to see her. In tonight's episode, Rakhi will leave no stone unturned to woo Abhinav Shukla this will certainly leave BB fans in splits. However, audiences will witness some high voltage drama as Vikas Gupta will quit the show.

Vikas Gupta

Rakhi Sawant woos Abhinav Shukla, Rubina bewildered

Rakhi has time and again shared her fondness for Abhinav Shukla, this time she takes it up a notch! In tonight's episode, Rakhi will be seen wooing Abhinav. She will keep drooling over Abhinav Shukla while he works out, and of course, Abhinav's shirtless avatar will make Rakhi go gaga over his washboard abs. Rakhi will be admiring Abhinav be it saying dialogues to singing songs. She will leave no stone unturned to impress Abhinav. Rubina will be perplexed seeing all this.

Rakhi Sawant

On the other hand, Vikas will bid adieu to the show!

Several reports state that Vikas Gupta has quit the show due to medical reasons. And tonight we will see Vikas crying, and listing down his health issues.

A promo shared by the channel shows, an intense sequence wherein Vikas is seen sitting in a corner and saying, "Bhaut dard ho raha hai, bahut zyada (I am in pain, a lot of pain)." Aly is seen sitting beside Vikas, even as he cries while speaking.

Amidst, Rakhi's ongoing masti with Abhinav, The show pans over to Vikas's health. Vikas Gupta who is in a bad state. He breaks down and confesses to Aly that he is in tremendous pain. While the housemates think Vikas is pretending, Bigg Boss makes a sudden announcement. He asks the housemates to collect all of Vikas' stuff and put it in the storeroom.


This is a shock for them all. Everyone is visibly upset, and Rakhi and Arshi can't hide their tears over Vikas' sudden exit.

aly goni and jasmin

Fans on social media wish Vikas Gupta a speedy recovery and speculate Vikas's exit may bring back Jasmin for Aly.

fans react

Will Jasmin Bhasin make a comeback in BB 14: The actor answers!

Meanwhile, Jasmin Bhasin's exit from the house has not gone down well with her fans. Ever since her exit netizens have also been tweeting that they want her back. Several reports suggest that Jasmin will be back in BB 14.

Talking to BT, she puts the rumours to rest and revealed:

The experience of 'Bigg Boss' was unique. If I am called back, I will go for my fans as well as Aly. The feeling of unconditional support which fans gave me is surreal. I feel blessed.

Jasmin's message for Aly Goni

I want Aly to reach to the top in 'Bigg Boss'. He has the potential to win and deserves to win. I want to be there for him so that no one takes advantage of his emotional vulnerability.