As the season 14 of Bigg Boss is nearing its finale, the drama and emotions inside the BB14 house have intensified.  Like every week's, this weekend the contestants weren't evicted as the eviction will now happen tonight on 'Somvar Ka Vaar'. 

And this time, Aly Goni, Jasmin Bhasin, Abhinav Shukla, and Rubina Dilaik find themselves at the bottom and one of them who will bid adieu to the show tonight. A wave of emotion hits everyone as the four contestants wait for the name to be announced and are in tears. 

Promo shows host Salman Khan breaking down as he announces Jasmin's eviction 

In the latest promo of BB 14, Salman Khan will break down while announcing Jasmin Bhasin's eviction. Jasmin is one of the favourite contestants in the house. As soon as Salman announces her name Aly and Jasmin break down in tears.

In these 10 years of hosting BB Salman Khan has never cried during any elimination and this is the first time Bhai Jaan couldn't hold back his emotions as tears roll down his cheeks. 

salman gets emotional

Jasmin's last word for Aly Goni is heartbreaking

The moment when Salman Khan announced Jasmin's name was equally emotional. Bhai said, "Jasmin...sorry baby."  Aly ran into Jasmin's arms immediately. He started crying like a baby along with Jasmin, and none of them wanted this to happen. Aly, who is an asthma patient, had an asthma attack. Jasmin helped him to clam down. Rahul Vaidya ran into the house to get Aly's inhaler. Salman too will calm Aly down.

aly goni and jasmin

"Aly, now that I'm going out, I want to see you play for the both of us and come out as a winner of the show. Play strong. Don't let your anger come out. The other contestants know that your anger is your weakness so they will target you for it. Don't let them get to you; control your anger. I will hit you a lot if you don't come out as a winner. Rahul, please take care of my Aly. Play strong. I love you, Aly."

These were Jasmin's last words to Aly before Salman said time's up and she should come out now. She quickly hugged and bid the others goodbye before she slowly walked out of the Bigg Boss house, smiling. 

Even after Jasmin left the house. Aly didn't stop crying. Out of anger, he threw his water bottle into the swimming pool before he sat down and started crying again. Rahul and Rubina were there with him to console and comfort him.

salman khan

Salman Khan's fans are surprised to see him shedding tears

Salman, who is known for his humanity and connect with the contestants, won several hearts and surprised his fans when he cried on the national television. 

Fans of Bigg Boss surprised seeing Salman shedding tears on the show. Many took to Twitter to express how this is the first time the superstar has allowed himself to be so expressive for the camera.

Fans react

While one Twitter user wrote, "What Salman Cried on Jasmin's Eviction!! First time in the history of BB" (sic), another wrote, "First Time I Have Seen @BeingSalmanKhan Bhai crying not for himself but he is absolutely crying for other. The most CARING & BEING HUMAN Indian actor Mr. #SalmanKhan (sic)

Twitter trends 'Bring back Our Jasmin' and 'No BB without Jasmin'

On the other hand, fans want Jasmin back in the sho and have already started expressing their love for Jasmin as their heart goes out for Aly. Fans are heavily trending 'Bring back Our Jasmin' and 'No BB without Jasmin.'

Fans trend bring back jasmin
fans want jasmin back

The eviction episode will be aired tonight.