As the BB 14 is nearing its finale, each episode is getting intense and dramatic. Keeping the high voltage melodrama intact, this Weekend Ka Vaar Salman Khan gets angry on Nikki Tamboli.

Finally, love birds Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan will confess their love for each other on national television. Scroll down to read everything that will happen inside the BB house that will set your pulse racing.

Déjà vu? Salman Khan one again enters the house in BB 14 to clean the mess.

weekend Ka vaar

Remember in Bigg Boss 13, and host Salman Khan entered the house to clean leaving contestants embarrassed. This season again he will be entering the house to clean the bed of the captain of the house Rakhi Sawant after Nikki Tamboli denies doing so.

Irked by the hygiene and Nikki Tamboli refusing to clean Rakhi Sawant's bed, host Salman Khan decides to take matters in his own hands.

BB 14 weekend ka Vaar

Salman Khan cleans Rakhi Sawant's bed watch.

In the promo, Eijaz Khan tells that Nikki Tamboli refused to make Rakhi Sawant's bed. Nikki tells him that she wanted to ignore her. Salman says it's ok. Soon housemates see Salman entering the house and is seen cleaning Rakhi Swant's bed. He does the pillows, folds the duvet, cleans the bed, picks up the make-up box and all. Aly tells, 'Bhai ruk jao'. Salman answers, "Kyu Bhai".

After cleaning up the place, Salman leaves saying Salman said that he doesn't have any problem in doing somebody else's work for the person. ". Had this been any film or serial, you all would have given your best performance?" He then storms out of the room.

 Family week

Tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 14's Weekend Ka Vaar episode will leave you teary-eyed!  As its family week in BB 14, family members and closed housemates will be entering the BB house. 

From Eijaz's side, ex-contestant Pavitra Punia will enter the house.

The official Instagram page of Pavitra and Colors TV shared a clip of their lovey-dovey moment.

Pavitra steps inside the glass box in the promo and screams, 'O Khan Sahab' Eijaz Khan blushes after hearing her voice.

Pavitra and Eijaz

Eijaz Khan proposes Pavitra Punia. The actress seals the deal with a kiss.

Eijaz runs towards Pavitra and says that he only wants to talk about Pavitra when he is inside the house. And in no time he proposes her by saying that he is ready to spend his whole life with her as he strongly feels for her. Pavitra asks whether he will be by her side forever to which he replies, "Tu Jaise hai, Zindagi mein Jahan bhi hai, Mujhe qubool hai. (The way you are and wherever you'd be in life, I accept you)," Eijaz adds and asks Pavitra if she loves him. Pavitra seals the deal as she kisses him through the glass and tells her that she loves him a lot.

Get ready to witness Salman Khan getting angry at them in this week's Weekend Ka Vaar, some cosy and lovey-dovey moments between Eijaz-Pavitra and more.