This season of Bigg Boss might not have started with a bang but it is proving out to be an absolute firecracker season with each passing day. With a lot of fierce and fiery contestants, it is turning out to be better than we had expected. And just like every season, host Salman Khan too seems to have found his favourites and his not-so-favourite contestants.

Rubina Diliak
Rubina Diliak

While on week one, contrary to everyone's expectations, Salman Khan had praised Rubina Dilaik. This weekend, the scenario turned upside down. Not only was Salman miffed with both Rubina and Abhinav but also cracked several jokes at them. Rubina later went to Bigg Boss and expressed her desire to leave the show owing to Salman Khan calling her husband "samaan" (luggage). She added that she would not be able to function in such an environment where she doesn't get respected.

Upon much consultation and discussion with Abhinav and Bigg Boss, Rubina decided to ask Salman the reason behind cracking such a joke. She also added, "Salman sir doesn't know me personally to make a personal comment on me." Ever since the episode, social media has turned into a war zone with many supporting Rubina's boldness and many have called her a "cry baby".


Karanvir Bohra reacts to Salman's humour

Amid all this, Karanvir Bohra, who was also a part of Bigg Boss once, has come out in support of Rubina. He tweeted, "With all due respect to Salman bhai's stature as an actor/host ( #BiggBoss2020 ) I'd like to say that, however silly a mistake you make, you don't like to be laughed at or made mockery out of in public... I love, like I really love, Salim Khan saab, Salma Aunty and Helen Aunty..contd"

He further tweeted, "We have known them for years. I have the highest respect for them, which is why I took everything sportingly in the show ( #BiggBoss ) It's in my culture not to speak back to elders, I've been raised that way... but my wife wasn't wrong when she wrote the open letter. She felt, what any wife would feel for their husband, if @RubiDilaik's sentiments are hurt, it's valid.. I'm not watching the show at all but I like Salman Bhai as the host of the show. It's only sometimes I find his humour a little condescending."