As the weeks are passing by, Bigg Boss 14 house is gaining momentum. While at first, it seemed that the contestants of this season lacked fire and passion; with time, the contestants have turned the tables and how! Even though few are still taking their time to come out of their cocoons, celebs like Nikki Tamboli and Rubina Dilaik have started making headlines every day.

Rubina Dilaik
Rubina DilaikInstagram

Rubina is emerging as the contestant to watch out for. Not only does she raise her voice when necessary but even doesn't hesitate standing up against Bigg Boss and Salman Khan for things she feels are right. Recently, Rubina had objected to a task where Bigg Boss had asked contestants to decide who had more "kachra" (dirt) in their mind, between Rubina and Nikki. While Nikki didn't seem to have any problems with it, Rubina raised an objection to the purpose behind the whole task. She refused to be called "kachra" mind and gave in only when Salman Khan intervened.

Rubina Diliak and Salman Khan

However, in another episode, she was also seen complaining to Bigg Boss about Salman Khan's behavior towards her husband and herself. She also objected to Salman Khan calling Abhinav Shukla her "samaan" (luggage). However, when Bigg Boss asked her whether she wants to leave the house, she left the decision onto him. Soon after the episode, Twitter turned into a war zone with many supporting the actress and many standing against her.

Amid all this and the speculations of her leaving the show, a particular report states that she is not going to leave the house anytime soon. Yes, the Twitter handle, The Khabri, which often comes up with the most intricate and often true inside scoops from the show, has revealed that Rubina won't be leaving the house at least before 40 days.

"Those who have missed my tweet during Starting of #BiggBoss14 let me Remind you #RubinaDilaik has Signed the Contract that she won't be eliminated till 40 Days of the show. She has been guaranteed 40 Days stay in the house, after that her elimination will depend on Votes," a tweet read.

So, fans worrying that Rubina might be evicted for locking horns with Bigg Boss or Salman Khan; you don't have anything to worry about.