Salman Khan and Paras Chhabra
Salman Khan and Paras Chhabra

'Bigg Boss 13' is getting murkier with every passing day. There's a lot happening in the house especially after the family week where contestants and their family members confronted each other. 

In the episode that will air tonight, it shall be interesting to watch why Salman lost his cool on Paras Chhabra and what are revelations that superstar shall make on the show. In the Weekend Ka Vaar episode host, Salman Khan addresses Madhurima Tuli and Vikas Aditya Singh's physical fight.

Paras Chhabra intervenes during the discussion and calls for an unnecessary spat with Salman that turns into a shocking episode.  

In the promo of tonight's episode (January 18) Salman tells Paras that his bond with Mahira Sharma is looking more than friendship. He also reminds Paras of his chat with girlfriend Akanksha Puri, where the latter said that he will just act in the house for the game. 

Paras says that all these are 'bekaar ki baatein' and 'ask the creatives not to play such things'. Salman loses his cool saying they are not any creatives and Akanksha Puri had herself called the host Salman to check on Paras.

Amidst all the verbal spat, Paras tries to justify his side and housemates tell him not to argue. Salman keeps on repeating the same sentence as none of the housemates get his cue. Paras then tells Salman that all these are false claims and the host tells him not to use such tone while talking to him.

Salman points a finger at Paras and says, 'Tu na...keep your voice down.' The episode has much more to it and is going to be an exciting watch for sure.