Anup Jalota then and now

Just like every year, the buzz around the next season of Bigg Boss has already started. While few probable contestant names have already started floating around, rumours of a female celebrity co-hosting the show alongwith Salman Khan has also been making rounds. Not just that, there have been reports of last year's contestant and Bhajan maestro, Anup Jalota, co-hosting the show with Khan.

In an interview with Hindi Rush, Jalota said, "I am going in the Bigg Boss house. I might co-host with Salman Khan." While how much of his statement is true remains to be seen but these are the two reasons we feel, could be behind him agreeing to co-host the show. Firstly, to clear out his image. When Jalota entered the show last year with a much younger mentee, Jasleen Matharu, and accepted of having a romantic relationship with her, social media had gone berserk. The singer and his mentee, both, received major flak from all sections of the society. Now, we feel, in a bid to clarify what happened last year and establish a positive image once again, the maestro might join the show for a brief period.

Secondly, since he was one of the most talked about contestants of last year, who didn't get to stay in the house for too long, makers might have decided to call him back and cash in on his popularity.

On being asked whether money was the reason behind him faking a relationship with Matharu, Anup Jalota had said, "Well, I cannot reveal my contract details. But all I can tell you is that I have suffered financial losses. The amount that I received for Bigg Boss 12 is a lot less than what I earn from my concerts."

Bigg Boss 13 is expected to premiere on September 29.