Bigg Boss 13 house

The premiere of the 13th season of India's most talked-about reality show – Bigg Boss 13 – is finally here. While the rumoured list of contestants has already piqued our interest, the announcement of Ameesha's involvement in the house along with Salman Khan has made us curious.

The Bigg Boss 13 house has been shifted from Lonavala to Film City this year and is going to be much bigger and greater in scale. Here are ten interesting facts about the Bigg Boss 13 house this year.

The house has been shifted from Lonavala/Khandala to Film City in Mumbai this year. Not only has the area gotten bigger but this has ensured that the house gets grander too.

The house has been made with no plastic this year. Talking about the same, director and designer Omung Kumar said, "Basically, because of pollution, we have tried to avoid plastic as much as possible. Instead, we have used fibre, POP etc. Even though plastic and thermocol were easier, simpler, lighter and cheaper, but then as an Indian citizen, we have to think about these concerns."

"So, we have started reducing the use of plastic even though it leads to a higher cost. So, we are reversing to the times when plastic was not used. That's why we are using POP and fibre, which are long-lasting. We are not just disposing off and throwing stuff. So, we are changing ourselves and hope people will follow us," Kumar added

The house has been made on the theme of a museum this year. It has been filled up with decorative and colourful installations.

It took sixty days to finish the house with over 600 workers, working on the house and interiors day and night.

Omung Kumar has chosen to keep the kitchen less decorative than other rooms this time as he feels this would be a place the contestants would colour with their own personality.

A lot of animal installations have also been put inside the house. Omung Kumar says that the animal will come out from within the contestants after a few days. And that is what the house represents.

A total of 93 cameras have been installed inside the house this year.

The bedroom has 14 beds, with some being double beds, one triple bed and a single bed. There is also a special bed.

There is a lot of greenery inside the Bigg Boss house and in the garden area too. A bed of grass has also been made in the garden area.

There seems to be no obvious jail for the contestants this year. Talking about it, Kumar said, "Surprise! Surprise!"

Last but not least, Ameesha Patel would be seen very often inside the house.

The show will air from September 29, 2019.