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While Bigg Boss 13 is likely to be bigger than any other previous seasons, the show is apparently going to have a new and interesting format.

A source close to the show told International Business Times India that Bigg Boss 13 contestants will be divided into two groups – one will be called ghosts and the other players.

The new format will witness the contestants engage in an interesting game, which will determine the first elimination.

"Big Boss makers have come up with an interesting concept this time. The contestants will be divided into two groups, each group will consist 6 people. One group will be of ghosts and the other will be players. The job of players will be to unmask ghosts and make their way to the Bigg Boss house. On the other side, ghosts need to make sure they stay masked n don't let players to enter or stay in the house," the source said.

That is not all. Bigg Boss 13 will apparently have host Salman Khan with a lot of extra powers. For the first time, he will decide the first elimination on the basis of the contestants' performance.

"The first week elimination will be decided by Salman Khan after closely monitoring the contestants' performance. He will only also nominate contestant for the second week eviction," the source added.

Bigg Boss 13 to have only celebrity contestants and no commoners
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Although the contestants will be unaware about each other, we hear that the ghost team will include Mahika Sharma, Meghna Malik and Pavitra Punia among others. On the other side, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Rajpal Yadav, Siddharth Shukla, Dayanand Shetty and Rashmi Desai will be seen as players.

Earlier, it was said that celebs like Devoleena, Rajpal Yadav, Mahika Sharma and a few others had backed out of the show due to pay issue. They were apparently not happy with the amount being offered. When asked about their apparent decision to come back on Bigg Boss 13, the source said that the team made some adjustments with the celebs.