Anup Jalota, Shivashish Mishra, Kriti and Roshmi inside the Bigg Boss house
Anup Jalota, Shivashish Mishra, Kriti and Roshmi inside the Bigg Boss houseBigg Boss Twitter

The first captaincy task, inside the Bigg Boss house, has always had a reputation of turning things ugly. And this time around, it certainly was no different. Since the previous task had been cancelled due to the lack of participation by Shivashish, Saurabh and Sreesanth, only women were given a chance to nominate their candidature for captaincy.

The singles – Karanvir Bohra, Sreesanth, Dipika Kakkar, Shristy Rode and Neha Pendse have decided to nominate Dipika Kakkar as the captain, while jodis experienced a difficult time choosing between Kriti and Roshmi vs. Saba and Somi. However, after a deal of deliberation, jodis choose Kriti and Roshmi for captaincy. The task begins with Anup Jalota playing the role of a King, who would be flooded by wedding proposals from various princesses, including Dipika and Kriti-Roshmi.

Jalota will have a bouquet of roses and as and when he gets impressed by any of the princesses, he would give them one flower. At last, the proncess with a maximum number of roses would win the task. To help Anup in the task, Jasleen had been nominated as the King's advisor.

Sreesanth and Shivashish
Sreesanth and Shivashish inside the Bigg Boss houseBigg Boss Twitter

While performing the task, Sreesanth abuses Shivashish and when asked did he mean it, the former cricketer replied in affirmative. This leaves Shivashish miffed with Sreesanth and he loses his cool completely.

Shivashish too abuses him and things get heated up inside the house. Inmates try to put some sense into Shivashish and Sreesanth but both of them seem not be in a mood to give up the fight.

Meanwhile, trying to woo the King, Roshmi does some swimming and dances along with Kritika. Karanvir's team also performs in front of Anup Jalota. Anup and Jasleen can be seen discussing whether Dipika would make a better captain or not. Ultimately, they give more roses to Dipika's team to make her group win the task of captaincy. However, things don't go as planned and Kriti's team snatches the roses from Dipika and end up with more number of roses in good condition than Dipika. Though unfair, Kriti Verma and Roshmi Banik, finally win the captaincy task.