Karanvir Bohra
Karanvir Bohra during a task inside the Bigg Boss houseBigg Boss Twitter

The most dreaded Bigg Boss task begins!

Luxury budget task of Bigg Boss 12 on September 25 begins with the inmates being divided into two groups of jodis and singles.

The most infamous task of the previous seasons makes a grand entry this season too with the jodis being dressed as the pirates. A ship like structure been kept in the garden area, with one chair attached to it.

The singles are asked to sit on the chair, one-by-one, with a golden ring in their hands. The task is to not leave the chair, drop the ring or give up. The jodis have the task of doing any and everything possible to make them give up or leave the chair. Kriti and Roshmi are given the responsibility of mentoring the task.

Neha isn't a weak contender

Neha becomes the first contender from the singles team to sit on the chair with a golden ring. She is bombarded with shampoos, soap water, eggs, masalas, etc. but she refuses to give up. After not giving up her grounds for close to two hours, Bigg Boss announces that Neha has sat through her task duration and successfully completed it. The contestants give a huge round of applause for her perseverance and determination.

Srishty the weak link, Karanvir the strongest

Touted as one of the strongest minds within the Bigg Boss house, Srishty adorns the chair with a shaky confidence and it doesn't take the jodis too long to make her leave her chair. In a fit of rage, Srishty throws the golden ring and gives up. Later, she was seen crying foul and telling Sreesanth how cruel the jodis were towards her during the task.

Next comes Dipika who takes the torture by the jodis head-on. But, Kriti and Roshmi decide to rule her out by alleging that while performing the task, Dipika had left her seat for a few seconds and thus, the task should be over for her. Upset Dipika leaves the ship. Karanvir too takes on their torture with a strong mind and body language until Bigg Boss announces the end of the task.

Sreesanth loses his cool again

By now, seeing Sreesanth lose his cool or see him cry has become a habit for the fans of Bigg Boss. And this episode, was no different. First, he lost his cool on Saba and Somi while they were performing their task by saying that he would slap them if they continue torturing Neha like this. He also gets into a scuffle with Nirmal and Saurabh. Later, Sreesanth was seen crying his hearts out in front of Srishty over the way the task was shaping up.

Strategy begins

Later, the jodis are seen discussing the strategies to overcome the hurdles the next day.