Srishty Rode
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With each passing week, the captaincy task within the Bigg Boss 12 house is getting tougher and uglier. After Surbhi Rana's misbehaviour with Srishty Rode and Shivashish's fight with Deepak, both Surbhi and Shivashish were evicted from the competition, which finally led to the captaincy battle between the jodi of Saba-Somi and Srishty.

For the captaincy task, all the housemates were given metallic plates. Both the contenders of captaincy had to influence and take as much plate as they could from the housemates. After collecting the plates, both of them had to place the plates on a metallic board and write their names on it. The contenders could also strike off the name of the other contestant and write their own name over it. The person with maximum names would have won the task.

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However, the task began with a violent note with Saba accusing Srishty of pulling her hair. In a bid to write their names, the two ladies didn't shy away from getting physical. The fight grew up to such an extent that in her defence, Saba pushed Srishty which made her fall down on the grass. Srishty got up with an intention and intensity to slap Saba, but Dipika intervened and held her tightly.

Embarrassed and insulted with how everything transpired, Srishty went to the toilet and locked herself inside. Karanvir, Saurabh and Dipika went to console her and finally got her out of the toilet.

In the evening, Bigg Boss condemned their behaviour an announced that since both were at fault equally, none of them would be made the captain, ever in the house. Everyone was left in shock hearing this.

However, inside the secret room, Anup Jalota and Sreesanth were seen discussing how Dipika could have disqualified Saba but she supported her. Feeling pity for Srishty who was left alone in the house, they also vowed to teach Nehha and Dipika a lesson after re-entering the house.