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If there is one couple which has kept us glued to our TV screens - it has to be Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu, the only jodi as lovers in Bigg Boss season 12.

Ever since the duo entered the show - Jasleen has become a household name within a few weeks and Anup Jalota's image has also seen a makeover. While fans took some time to accept and come to terms with the jodi, there was no turning back once they did.

The duo emerged as the most loved contestants on the show. Be it their fights, romance, date or the so-called breakup, everything made headlines. And ever since Jalota has been sent to the secret room, whatever Jasleen does leaves their fans intrigued. While her closeness to Shivashish grabbed limelight, her fun-filled presence without Anup has shocked many, including Jalota himself.

In one of the promos of tonight's episode, we see a heart-broken Anup Jalota re-enter the house. While an excited Jasleen rushes to hug him, Anup doesn't say anything to her. Later, we also saw Anup reprimanding Jasleen in front of other housemates for her indifference towards his exit.

Anup reminds her that he had left her to emerge as a strong player within the house but she only focused on her fashion parade. He also tells her that her materialistic attitude has left him shocked and has taught him a lesson. He ends the statement saying that they won't play like a jodi anymore and he would be against Jasleen when the time comes.

Whoa! That's quite a twist in their love story. Now, whether this is one of Anup Jalota's pranks like the last time or did he mean it for real this time, only time will tell.