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Benafsha Soonawalla, who was eliminated this week from the Bigg Boss house, was LIVE on Instagram after the eviction episode aired on November 19.

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She was with Varun Sood live on her social media handle answering the questions. Here's what she said:

  1. If I liked Priyank, I wouldn't have been next to Varun. I made all that statements to scandalize and irritate Priyank. To psych him out. If you want to believe this, great, if not then one should go to hell. I am mad and will live my life.
  2. Priyank Sharma ruined my life by making that statement about me. It was a joke and you all misunderstood it. And I won't leave Varun for anybody.
  3. Bed mein ghusne ki cheez was genuine. I was disturbed. What I did with Priyank that day is something I would do with my brother.
  4. Priyank is a friend. I have never chedo-ed a guy in my life.
  5. I will make sure Divyank are back, will speak to Divya that there is nothing to worry about. She's a lovely person. Divya had a lot of reasons apart from me. If the reason is me, they will definitely patch up.
  6. Vikas Gupta is lovely, I love him.
  7. It was all about humour. If you would have seen the entire thing, you would have died laughing.
  8. I am disappointed with Hina Khan.
  9. I unfollowed people so that I can get a clear picture.
  10. Shilpa Shinde is lovely and really nice.

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In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, India, Benafsha had said: "If I was in Priyank's place for Divya, I would have felt bad. She gave out a statement that I am breaking up without knowing what's actually happening. But seriously that a**hole deserves this after he said that Chipku Benafsha comes to me. I am so disappointed."

She also mentioned: "I love him as a friend but I am personally disappointed with Priyank. Everything was in good humour. One scene that people created an issue about -- the bed scene. That day I was very disturbed and had a tough day. I went to his bed to talk because we were not talking. There was no dirty or cheap intention. It was innocent. We slept off but the moment Priyank got up, he said 'Ben you are in my bed', I got up and immediately went to my bed. That was the exact scene which they made a big blunder."