It was in 1967 that the first photograph of Bigfoot, an alleged beast-like creature was captured by filmmaking duo Patterson–Gimlin. Since then, this alleged creature has been perplexing several people and conspiracy theorists, as the beast used to appear in several parts, leaving behind no traces of evidence. And now, a new video that shows a giant creature walking across the field has surfaced online, and it has made several people believe that Bigfoot has made its appearance again. 

Bigfoot mystery continues

In the video shared to a Facebook page named Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, the uploader claims that the footage was captured on January 29, 2020. The mysterious figure caught on camera seems to be walking from the treeline on the right of the frame, later across the open space of the field, and in the final moments, this humanoid figure can be seen walking towards the forest. 


"Captured this today in the Florida Panhandle. Not very sure what to make of it. To me, it looks like it's slouched over. Posture looked odd," wrote Tyler Howell who captured the eerie event. 

The video has literally impressed most of the members on the Facebook page, and several people claimed that this creature is walking at a very high speed than a normal human can. However, skeptics claim that the entire footage is misleading and they assure that the creature spotted in the field is nothing but a normal human being. 

FBI investigation on Bigfoot

A few months back, declassified documents had shed light on FBI investigation carried out to unveil the mystery surrounding the existence of Bigfoot. In the 1970s, the FBI conducted an investigation on the fur of an animal to determine whether it was shed by Bigfoot. However, the results revealed that this fur was actually deer hair. 

In April 2019, the Indian Army had also claimed to have spotted the footprints of Yeti, a mythical gigantic snowman creature in the Himalayan region of Nepal.