Twitter: Indian Army

Several people living in the northern border of India strongly believe that Yeti, the mythical ape-like snowman giant, is a reality. In the course of time, many witnesses have claimed to have seen this mysterious creature. Now, the Indian Army itself has confirmed that they have spotted the footprints of this mythical creature in the Himalayan region of eastern Nepal.

In a tweet, the army revealed that these mysterious footprints measuring 32X15 inches were found near Makalu base while a team of soldiers was conducting an expedition.

Interestingly, the pictures released by the army showed only the prints of a single foot on snow, but Nepal folklores claim that this mythical creature is bipedal. After analysing the size of the footprints, experts have revealed that if this creature is a reality, then it could be as tall as 34 feet.

The Indian Army also claimed that nature, history, and science will never write their final story, and added that this is a piece of physical evidence that hints at the existence of this mythical snowman.

"As they say nature, history and science never write their final story. We tweeted as we thought prudent to excite scientific temper and rekindle the interest. Some of us who reject the story, surely shall have a definite answer to the evidence," said the Indian Army in a statement, News18 reports.

Earlier, several people have claimed that the Himalayan regions are a hotspot of UFO activities. In 2013, the Indian Army had reported multiple UFO sightings in the Ladakh sector. The UFOs were initially spotted by the border patrolling team, and soldiers revealed that the unidentified flying objects were spherical in size, and it emanated lights from its body.

With the discovery of Yeti footprints, mysteries surrounding the Himalayan region have elevated again, and it may surely give conspiracy theorists a chance to say that there are multiple alien bases in this area.