BIGBANG’s Seungri is rumoured to be dating Yoo Hye WonFacebook/BIGBANG

Big Bang's Seungri is rumoured to be dating a rookie actress named Yoo Hye Won. According to Taiwanese media outlet ET Today, the 27-year-old South Korean singer and the budding artist have been dating for a year.

Adding on, the website went onto state that the rumoured couple has been sharing Instagram posts, allegedly of similar locations.

Though YG Entertainment is keeping silence about the dating rumours, Hye Won's agency SBD Entertainment responded to the reports by stating: "We are currently in the middle of checking to see if Yoo Hye Won and Seungri's dating rumors are true."

Seungri had previously opened up about his popularity among girls. The 27-year-old South Korean singer admitted that he gets the least attention from girls when compared to his other band members.

During an episode of JTBC's Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, Seungri revealed that his fellow Big Bang members get a lot of attention from women. He said: "I may seem like I have a great interest in the opposite sex and have a lot of girls but it's not like that."

"The girls tell me 'Seungri, you are so funny', You're so charming' but then they end up asking G-Dragon and T.O.P for their numbers," he added.

Adding on, during tvN's travel reality show, Salty Tour, Seungri admitted G-Dragon has a huge popularity among female band members. He said: "In G-Dragon's case, so many girl group members contacted him. [They'd say,] 'I'd like to be close friends with you.' I don't know how they found out his phone number, but he'd get so many messages."

He added: "And [G-Dragon] would always brag about it. He'd say, 'So-and-so contacted me. What should I do?' Why would he ask us that? [I'd think,] 'Why are you telling me?'"