Rahul Sadasivan's new movie Bhoothakaalam starring Shane Nigam and Revathy in the lead role has been released on Sony Liv on January 21, 2022. The film was released with absolutely no publicity, but upon its OTT streaming, it is now receiving positive responses from all corners. This film can be considered as a psychological drama or horror thriller, as the director leaves room for multiple interpretations in its climax. 

A realistic drama that evolves as a horror thriller

The film begins in a very interesting manner, where we can see Shane Nigam and Revathi changing the sanitary pads of a bedridden elderly member of the family. However, soon after the death of the elderly member, Shane Nigam starts experiencing paranormal events in his life. The film showcases how Shane Nigam and his mother Revathy tackle the mysterious events in their lives. 

Revathy and Shane NigamSony Liv

Until the last 20 minutes of the movie, Bhoothakaalam gives audiences a feel that they are watching a psychological drama. The proceedings are slow but intense. However, in the last 20 minutes, director Rahul Sadasivan proved his class, and audiences will shiver with fear in multiple sequences. 

Spectacular performance from lead stars

All the actors in this movie have done a decent job in Bhoothakaalam. For Shane Nigam, portraying characters with some hysteria is a cakewalk, and he did the role of male lead with perfection on screen. Revathy too portrayed her character with finesse. Saiju Kurup, who enacted the role of a psychologist too played a crucial role in elevating the overall mood of the movie. 

One of the major highlights of this movie is its cinematography. The director has succeeded in giving an eerie feel to the house and the interiors where the major plot of the movie is set. The background score of the film is top-notch, and at times, audiences will wonder whether they are watching an Indian movie

Final Verdict

Bhoothakaalam is a brilliant piece of art. Without gimmicks, director Rahul Sadasivan gave audiences a scary ride with some emotional elements.