A rape case has been charged against popular Kerala vlogger Sreekanth Vettiyar. A few days back, a woman who hails from Kollam has made rape allegations against Sreekanth on Facebook, and later, the same woman filed a complaint against him. Upon receiving the complaint, the Cochin city police filed a case under section 376 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). 

According to the latest updates, Sreekanth Vettiyar has fled from his house, and the police are busy searching for the accused. 

Sreekanth Vettiyar
Sreekanth VettiyarFacebook

Serious allegations against Sreekanth Vettiyar

The victim, in a post on the Facebook page, Women Against Sexual Harassment, claimed that Sreekanth Vettiyar had invited her to his flat for his birthday celebrations, and brutally raped her without consent. She also remarked that the vlogger has misused several other women too in a similar manner. 

The victim also alleged that she faced severe bleeding and mental trauma after the rape incident, but Sreekanth Vettiyar behaved in such a manner that he has not committed any mistake. The woman claimed that Sreekanth also extorted money from her. 

"The crime he committed is rape. He manipulated me several times to ensure that I will not open up about the crime. The mental trauma I faced over the past few months is something unexplainable. However, the criminal involved in this case is freely roaming, and he is loudly proclaiming liberalism in the society," said the victim, as translated from Malayalam. 

Sreekanth Vettiyar: A left-liberal face on social media platforms

Sreekanth Vettiyar is a left-liberal face on social media platforms, and in several interviews, he had opened up about his affiliations with DYFI and left-wing politics. According to reports, Sreekanth Vettiyar is also a Unit Committee member of DYFI. 

Meanwhile, another woman had also made rape claims about Sreekanth. However, this woman has not filed a police complaint yet.