Abhishek Shukla
Abhishek Shukla

Online earning is the trending field in India after the internet evolution. People, and especially youngsters are getting fascinated with this field for many obvious reasons; work from home, satisfactory wages, comfortable working atmosphere, mobility, etc. As everybody wants to get into online earning or say digital marketing, the competition is high. HR professional, sales & marketing, customer support, IT professionals, developers, web designers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, content writers, fresh graduates; everybody is looking towards the internet as an opportunity.

Today, we'll meet a young and successful digital marketer Abhishek Shukla and learn about the earning opportunities on the internet. Abhishek Shukla belongs to Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. He is also a professional blogger, social media promoter, and founder of a digital media portal called Bharat Trend.

Abhishek says that the internet has a lot of work to do, but due to huge competition, you have to stand out differently from others. Whether you use your creativity or your extra skills which you learned by time to showcase you differently and better than others. Also, make your connections with the people who are already in this field. Except for this, you have to be very conscious about your content to choose each and every format for your favor, touch as many as dimensions you can.

Abhishek Shukla also does Social media promotions; promotions through memes, website designing, lead generation, social media accounts handling of his celebrity clients. He also shared his experience of creating the Bharat Trend portal which he created during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the whole digital market was down, he devoted himself towards it and as hard work pays off, now it's a successful portal. He owns some other digital portal and websites too.

He tells using proper strategy people are earning even in lakhs by this profession and some of them are using this field as a part-time profession and getting what they want by paying 3 to 4 hours of their day except these many of them are doing this for their passion and getting paid for it, at last, who'll deny an extra source of income in their life. Abhishek is doing altruistic work by training youngsters so that they could earn too.

That's all from digital marketer and blogger Abhishek Shukla with his knowledge and tips for online earning and understanding the field with the eye of an expert.