Director Maruthi Dasari's Telugu movie "Bhale Bhale Magadivoi" (Magadivoy (BBM)), which released in theatres on 4 September, has garnered positive reviews from the audience, who are blown away by the superb comedy timing of Nani.

"Bhale Bhale Magadivoi" is a romantic comedy that has been jointly produced by Geetha Arts & UV Creations. Besides directing, Maruthi Dasari has also written the story, screenplay and dialogues for the film. Gopi Sunder of the "Bangalore Days" fame has composed the soundtracks and background score of the movie.

The audience, who have watched "Bhale Bhale Magadivoi", say that the movie has a routine story. The first half is entertaining but the second half is tedious and boring. The movie has decent production values, amazing camera work and music.

As an absent-minded guy, Nani has delivered wonderful performance and his comic timing has impressed the audience. Actress Lavanya Tripathi of "Andala Rakshasi" fame has done an amazing job as the female lead. The chemistry between the lead couple is one of the major attractions of the film. Other artists have also done justice to their roles.

Here is the live update of "Bhale Bhale Magadivoi movie review by audience:

idlebrain jeevi ‏@idlebrainjeevi

1st half of #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi is superb - a hilarious romantic comedy with unique concept - hope second half will also be like this! #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi is a beautiful entertainer. Will take Nani n Maruthi to next level. Will be a huge hit! Great beginning to GA2.

Survi ‏@PavanSurvi

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoi (till First Half) is better than expected.. Cinematography, Plot, Gopi Sunder BGM are major assets of the 1st half. #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi contains the best #GopiSunder score since, well, #BangaloreDays. All the praise being bestowed upon #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi is fully deserved. Decent and neat entertainer from Maruthi.. Congrats @NameisNani

VamsiKaka ‏@vamsikaka

Hilarious first half #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi Gopi Sundar BGM is Soothing #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi A perfect rom-com entertainer with rich visuals. Nani's comedy timing is superbb.. #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi

Sangeetha Devi ‏@Sangeetha_Devi

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoi Many laugh aloud moments & good performances. Each time I thought I know where this is heading, there was a surprise.

PavanKumar Mannem ‏@mpk1988

Have not laughed this much for a song of any film. Awesomely picturized #Endaro of #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi Hilarious 1st half & an OK 2nd half. It's a laughing riot overall. @NameisNani's fantastic as always. #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi

Chandu_ntr ‏@chandananumolu

#BBM 1st half good 2nd half rod overall below average to flop talk from friend Get lost B grade director Maruthi @SKNonline

Raghava ‏@RaghavaMahesh19

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoi Super fun mvie... my angel @Itslavanya is very cute in the mvie as usually .. overall a gud entertainer. #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi @NameisNani is back with a bang.. @Itslavanya is very cute.

Harish GVSB ‏@gvsbharish

Been many days since I watched a movie so damn funny.. Must watch and all credits to Nani #bhalebhalemagadivoy #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi An amazing entertainer. Just watched and it blew my mind. Great movie for @NameisNani

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoy Hilarious 2nd half with Emotional Climax. A Super Hit Entertainer all the way. Congrats Maruthi & Team Go Watch It. Nice plot with Good Execution, @NameisNani's Fantastic Performance, Music, Comedy, Superb Production Values #BhaleBhaleMagadivoy 3.5/5

Hemanth Kumar CR ‏@crhemanth

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoy is good fun...depends a lot on @NameisNani's characterisation, more than the story itself. Nani & @Itslavanya shine

YATHI™ ‏@ursyathi

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoy - Super Hit, Good comedy entertainer. Don't miss it.

Sunil Kalyan ‏@sunilguts

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoi only 1 talk that is hit, @NameisNani happy for u brother! Maruthi thanks for Butulu leni cinema #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi nani's career best Day 1 opening on card with Huge margin (Non-Eega)

Surendra K Naidu ‏@Surendraknaidu

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoi is a hilarious Comedy family entertainer. Nani rock's the show. After PKC Director Maruthi's best film. LAUGH RIOT..

Lakshmi Kanth ‏@6fd3182701ba4e9

@NameisNani thoroughly enjoyed movie .what a comedy a timing .nani one man show . congrats #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi . .Nani all the way

మనోరంజన్ రెడ్డి ‏@Manoranjan328

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoi first half iyindi... Decent comedy shankar dada mbbs spoof stands out #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi it's a kind of Sreenu Vaitla movie where hero impress us not with his intelligence but with 'Mathimarupu'.. First half good comedy.. Second half @vennelakishore @NameisNani comedy and srinivasa Reddy nilabetteysaru #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi

Soma Sekhar ‏@Tollywood_King

Superb 1st half #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi is a good entertainer. It's @NameisNani's show all the way and special mention to @Itslavanya. Maruthi is done good job

Rithesh ‏@ritheshkarthik

Nani is just brilliant with his acting skills...yes he is NATURAL STAR @NameisNani #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi

Shrinu Nakka ‏@Imshri09

Halfway through #BBM #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi @NameisNani is back..Hilarious 1st half.. Guffawing like anything... DOP is Superb

Rajesh Dev Reddy ‏@rajeshdevdoss

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoy damn funny, entertainer movie. Must watch al. Kudos to @DirectorMaruthi @ajusatin & team. #Kochi

Shreya Annam ‏@shreyaannam

Second half was way more interesting. Had better comedy and more content! Nani was at his usual best! #BhaleBhaleMagadivoy

Shreya Annam ‏@shreyaannam

Just watched #BhaleBhaleMagadivoy. Despite the over-use of the whole 'mathi marupu' concept, had a lot of hilarious scenes! Decent watch!

Anand✨ ‏@ImAnand4u

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoi is a hilarious Comedy family entertainer @NameisNani rock's the show @Itslavanya is cute @SKNonline @GA2Official. #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi is a complete comedy entertainer en@NameisNani rock's the show @Itslavanya is cute @SKNonline @GA2Official.

Nani Tarak ‏@pushpakchowdary

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoi is a beautiful entertainer. Will take Nani n Maruthi to next level. Will be a huge hit! Super hit. #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi

#happybirthdaykalyan ‏@sai_9010

plus:performance,comedy,songs,bgm,1sthalf,2ndhalf,direction,cinematography,....minus:popcorn,samosa,parking rates,ac #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi

Giridhar ‏@thegirik

Paisa Vasool entertainer #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi Congrats @NameisNani

Yamini ‏@yaminip9999

@NameisNani superbly entertaining movie.. Kudos to your comic timing and acting..#BhaleBhaleMagadivoi

Rafa ‏@Abdul_Rafa

Just came out after watching #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi in #Peoria #Illonois. Effortless performance by #Nani and @Itslavanya #fullonentertainment

Prathyushareddy ‏@prathyushan

I haven't laughed this much for a movie in the recent times.. sooper hilarious movie. Must watch. @NameisNani #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi

Naveen ‏@Naveen5665

Superb First Half With High Entertainment levels @NameisNani Kummesadu..Gopisundar Songs n BGM #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi Maruthi Regular Format ni Vadilesi Baga Handle Chesadu #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi

Satya ‏@SatyaLoquacious

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoi Interval: Same routine irritating formulaic shit. Nani with his hilarity is saving a bit this forced slapstick garbage. #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi is that senseless Maruti's smelly garbage though it's managed with forced slapstick fun. Nani's role frequently forgets in this film. But if we forget it once now, this can be watched soon enuf in TV for Nani's performance.

sundeep ‏@sunny438

Ipativaraku good.. Punches workout ayyayi chalavaraku #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi Good first half #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi Done.. Gud movie.. Entertainment entertainment antey.Akadakada drag anpinchina comedy tho workout chesadu. Hit movie #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi

Surendra Raju ‏@surendraraju7

#BBM First half comedy Superb comedy, @NameisNani Natural performence and @Itslavanya stunning presence. #BBM

Chani ‏@Urschanakya

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoi - 1st Half is Good...but second half is a let down.....overall its an average film.

Sasi ‏@sasidharanne

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoi good first half.. Below avg second half.. Watch it if you are free..

Nani ‏@RMNani23

Second half is a let down to the enjoyable first half. Can watch once. #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi

Venkyreviews ‏@venkyreviews

Just finished 1st half cool and entertaining so far @NameisNani is hilarious waiting for 2nd half... #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi #BBM 2nd half is hilarious @NameisNani @vennelakishore steal the show... Nani is back with a big hit #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi #BBM

Naveen C Singh ‏@go4ncsingh

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoy review @NameisNani rocks in #BBM as absent minded lover boy. Super comedy and Super acting! Definite Hit!! Shiva ram ‏@shvchaitanya75 #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi 1st half entertaining second half leave it leave it #leaveeeeeeeeit

Suresh Kondi ‏@V6_Suresh

Entertaining first half.. #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi . Super hit.. #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi Congrats to the team..

ॐ Deepak ‏@DeepakKodela

Natural Star Nani #BBM Both Chemistry & Comedy worked out. Good 1st half #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi #BBM 2nd half also in hilarious mode so far, entire theatre in splits #BBM

ABO™ | #BBMonSep4th ‏@AndhraBoxOffice

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoi is a Fresh & Hilarious Romantic Comedy. #Maruti's Best Work. Nani's Performance & Gopi Sundar Music. An Enjoyable Ride.

Sudheer Krishna R ‏@SudheerKrishnaR

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoi Superhit. Maruti on a roll. Venky should start his stalled movie Radha

Raj C M ‏@RcMullapudi

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoi popcorn movie timepass @NameisNani is natural like always #uncessary fight in the climax

AA_FOREVER ‏@rajavardhan7

Hilarious first half #BhaleBhaleMagadivoi @NameIsNani comedy timing superb

Babu Mudiraj ‏@babumudiraj26

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoi is a beautiful entertainer. It Will be a huge hit! Great beginning to GA2 @NameisNani @Itslavanya❤ @DirectorMaruthi

Ballaladeva ‏@Rajesh_venky

#BhaleBhaleMagadivoi first half.. Picha entertaining