The theatrical trailer of director Krish's Telugu movie "Kanche", which stars Varun Tej and Pragya Jaiswal in lead roles, has impressed the audience, who say it is going to be another trendsetter Telugu film after "Baahubali".

The trailer of "Kanche" was released on the official YouTube channel of First Frame Entertainments on 31 August. The 2.03-minute video has been watched by 635,984 in three days. It has got 4,630 thumbs up and 167 thumbs down. Over 524 people have commented on the trailer and most of them have positive things to say about it.

"Kanche" is an emotional and intense period movie that revolves around the lives of a young soldier named Dhupati Hari Babu, who fought against Germany in the World War II, and his ladylove. The movie has an interesting story, say the audience, who have hailed director Krish.

"Kanche" boasts of mesmerising performances by Varun Tej, Pragya Jaiswal, Nikitin Dheer and others. The movie has been made on a grand scale and its rich production values are at par with Hollywood flicks. The film, which is slated to release on 2 October, will be another blockbuster Telugu flick of 2015, according to viewers.

After "Baahubali", this film is another welcome change in the Telugu industry, which is plagued by formulaic movies that feature five songs, three fights, some comedy, romance and action scenes. The viewers state that the movies do not actually narrate a good story.

Here are some audience's comments posted below the video on YouTube.

Santosh Kumar

Huge Respect to the whole cast & crew.... most of the people dont know that Indians fought in WWII ( i came to know very late after my degree)... these stories never told in any history class and no one considered them as heroes, most of the ppl are forced to go to battle.... so many ppl end up in the prison camps and the saddest thing our government failed to get all of them back.... one more thing WWII is one of the reason we got our Independence .... I Salute all those soldiers who fought and died..... Krish never failed before ... i hope he continue the same for this movie also......

Zameer Ali

This is how I want to see my telugu industry work... masterpiece... kudos to the director krish.. varun's look is classic...


A sincere thanks to Krissh, Varun and Crew for bringing new waters into our film industry (including audiences) which has been struggling to get rid of stereotype movies. Keeping the formulaic expectations aside, its the audience responsibility to encourage such efforts. It's high time to Support & Save content based movies in Telugu Film Industry. Take a bow, Kanche !!

Anthony Stalin

Wow, Is dis from TFI? Wonderful trailer, dis shows the class and the caliber of directors of TFI. We are not limited to commercial cinema. but we can create masterpiece like bahubali and now dis... way to go TFI, Luking forward for more of surprising genre.

Sai Akhil

wow what a trailer krish and varun both have done a great job telugu film industry always rockzz eagerly waiting.........


wow... looks promising. Varun Tej looks exactly like Nagababu garu when he was 20. The resemblance is uncanny. Looking forward to this.

Sravanthi Madishetty

Excellent trailer. tremendous work seemed to have gone in the making. All the very best to the director and crew. Just that inverted flag colors seem not so okay. if there's no reason behind it, kindly take this feedback.

Vinay thale75

Superb !!!! I never commented on any movie including bahubali.....but this trailer is awesome........Varun tej looking nice....and cinematography is excellent


the main asset for the movie is KRISH ,he is one of those directors who always try for new thing ,i always like krish for promoting this kind of pictures in tollywood ,we tollywood is transforming into a bowl of new concepts about varun tej he deserve appreciations for taking this kind of movie ...let see whAT box office guy wii decide ......... but great work dudes .........


this year, tollywood is doing something great - Baahubali, Kanche, Rudramadevi, Size zero. Awesome movies - exciting times. Never bothered to see what was happening in Tollywood. It looks like now Tollywood is something to watch for in coming years. Enough of those formula movies from some families. I hope they never come back! Audience be supportive of such movies with content.

Babu Talluru

Absolutely a unique trailer from tollywood in recent past. Awesome. I wish all the very best to Krish and Varun Tej.


2015 is break out year for Telugu Cinema! The trailer looks awesome and the storyline is even better! I hope it makes an impact both commercially and critically! Way to go.

Sreenath Varma

Nice Trailer, Telugu film industry seems to be improving from the standard formula for movies, however I think World war 2 war movie is a bad choice for a limited budget, even though there are many errors in technical details which can be pointed out in trailer itself, the overall story seems to be a winner.

Mahesh Jala

extraordinary efforts by team "kanche"..especially wanna thank director krish..sir really u r a gem...the depth inside u is really reflecting in increasing order in all your films....coming to kanche every scene is describing how depth person krish sir i request all the audience to come out of regular formulaic movies & encourage such "content" films....i wish kanche is a blockbuster & krish sir goes on making such content films...ATB to entire team

Pavan Kumar

To keep it straight - the trailer was just amazing and mind-blowing....hope the audience will support and except the new lease of life the film industry is witnessing...kudos to Krish sir....


Glad to see that our Indians are making good movies now a days... Even the audience know about the importance of BGM, Cinematography, VFX etc, but when will Indian directors or audience learn the importance of COLOR Reproduction, Look at the bright colored costumes in 1940's.......The songs were Picturized as they are from 90's......The Green gradient in the war scenes looks pale...........I am not expecting a war movie like Saving Private Ryan or Tae Guk Gi or any International Masterpeice.......What I HOPE in this flick is the WWII looks real and believe that KRISH didn't ruin the world History...................Thanks For Reading.......

Ali Khan

trailer was terrific, but i guess most of the movie run in slow phase. but i appreciate for krish team for taking out our tollywood from irritating repetitiveness stories.. thanks varun for selecting a different role, thanks krish for coming up with a new phase. i hope it will work and i wish you all the best for this project.

Amarnath Reddy

WOW super Krish..after the Baahubali, you took telugu movie one more level high..Really wonderful..All the best Krish and his team..