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Beyond the Clouds, starring Ishaan Khatter and Malavika Mohanan, which released in theatres Friday, April 20, has received positive reviews from critics and celebrities alike.

Critics are lauding Ishaan's acting skills and calling him a natural performer. Despite Beyond the Clouds being his debut film, Ishaan has stunned the audience with his impeccable acting chops. 

Internationally renowned Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi of Children of Heaven fame has once again proved that he is the master when it comes to conveying the harsh realities of the society through his films, say critics. 

Beyond The Clouds revolves around siblings - Amir (Ishaan's character) and Tara (played by Malavika) - who struggle to make ends meet. While Amir becomes a drug dealer and is caught in a web of crime, his divorced elder sister gets into prostitution.

Going by the overwhelming reviews and ratings, the movie is likely to perform well at the box office.

Produced by Shareen Mantri Kedia, Kishor Arora and Zee Studios, Beyond The Clouds also features Gautam Ghose, GV Sharada, Dhwani Rajesh, Amruta Santosh Thakur and Shivam Pujari.

Take a look at some of the critics' review of Beyond the Clouds:

Neil Soans of the The Times of India said: "Ishaan Khattar pushes himself well outside of nepotism's comfort zone in his first acting role. Malavika Mohanan is captivating in her honest portrayal of Amir's sister Tara. Majidi's subject matter might seem to be repetitive, but the famed director's take on redemption is fleshed out by strong performances to make 'Beyond the Clouds' another notable entry in his filmography."

Amman Khurana of Times Now said: "Ishaan Khatter (half-brother of Shahid Kapoor) is a natural performer. Malavika Mohanan shines bright for the most part barring a few scenes where she goes overboard while trying to portray frustration and helplessness. What works against the film is Majidi's failure to establish the bond between the siblings, which is assumably the core of the story. For climax, the director refrains from tying the loose ends of the story letting imaginations run wild in the mind of the viewer, in the same way clouds roam freely right before it rains."

Kunal Guha of Pune Mirror said: "Debutante Ishaan Khatter's performance falls somewhere between measured and overenthusiastic. It takes a Majidi to rise above the plot and offer audiences hope when things look south. It may not be a deep, immersive, dislocating experience one usually has when introduced to unwavering spirits and personal narratives that his cinema has come to be known for. But it's surely reminiscent of his previous work and sparkles up an appetite to revisit them."

IANS said: "It is debutant Ishaan Khatter who stands tall in a film where life dwarfs even the bravest. Ishaan's Aamir is impetuous, volatile and self-destructive. Adapting the higher scales from the musical notes, Majidi's symphony on the underbelly of Mumbai plays out at an impossibly shrill pitch without losing the core cadence. The director is not alone in pursuing that pitch-perfect shrillness. Ishaan Khatter knows how that is done."

Devesh Sharma of said: "The first half of the film is spent mostly in setting up the story and the characters. You can sense Majidi is struggling to come to terms with a different milieu, a different set up. His writing and direction both find surer footing in the second half. Ishaan Khatter is a find. He might have acted in a realistic film but he has nevertheless shown he's the perfect commercial material."

Bollywood Hungama said: "On the whole, BEYOND THE CLOUDS is a nice, touching tale that works despite the minuses. At the box office however, its chances are bleak due to its niche appeal. Newcomer Ishaan Khatter is quite confident and takes the film to another level. Malavika Mohanan doesn't impress initially but then gets better and in control. A R Rahman's music is subtle and doesn't stand out. But it is in sync with the narrative."

Umesh Punwani of Koimoi said: "This (Beyond the Clouds) is a visual representation of alloyed emotions backed by memorable performances of Ishaan Khatter and Malavika Mohanan. Watch this to realise how you can put your life to a better use. The way he (Majidi) extracts performances from the leads is commendable."

Rohit Bhatnagar of Deccan Chronicle said: "Ishaan Khatter, who comes with a baggage to run a legacy of a film family outshines in his debut performance. Malavika Mohanan, who has a body of work down South, is not so good. She is watchable but not upto the mark. BTC is certainly not a masterpiece of Majid Majidi. It is just another regular story of orphan siblings and their problematic lives. Avoid the pace and plot, the film is high on emotions."

Here are some of the Bollywood celebrities' review:

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