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Beyonce (L) and Kim Kardashian (R).Instagram/Beyonce

Leaked pictures of Beyonce and Jay Z's twins – Sir and Rumi Carter surfaced on the internet  a couple of days ago. And while the world has still been undecided about whether the breach of their privacy should be relished or not, sources have confirmed that the leak was actually intentional.

If that doesn't come as a shock, the reason behind it sure would. As per the same sources, Beyonce, 36, leaked the photos of her twins, just to compete with Kim Kardashian.

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Come to think of it, the reason doesn't seem too out of the loop considering Kim K, 36, herself has been exploding the internet with news and snippets about her soon-to-be arriving third baby, via surrogacy.

And as the source claims, the Queen Bey is all about perfect timing to hit her wide fanbase with little teasers, just to show who is still the reigning boss in the game. So maybe it wasn't just the paparazzi behind the leaked photos of Rumi and Sir Carter enjoying a vacation with their family.


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"Beyoncé leaked those baby photos to compete with Kim's baby shower. Kim already had the shower planned and when Beyoncé got wind of it, she set up for the pictures to leak," shared a source close to the Lemonade singer, with People magazine.

"Beyoncé has been more and more active on social media and she's doing this to stay on top," they added. "She's always been the Queen when it came to entertainment, but her top slot on social media was slipping. She can be competitive, too."

Not just that; the source also confirmed that the motivation to trump the exploding Kardashian baby boom all over the internet, arrived to Beyonce post the feud between her rapper husband Jay Z, 47, and Kim's husband, Kanye West, 40.

Clearly, the leak was meant for more than just restoring Beyonce spot at the top of the social media presence. "Both she and Kim are both strong women and are super protective of their men, and some of the beef between Jay-Z and Kanye has bled into their rivalry," spilled the source.

"Beyoncé wants to own the rest of the year," they added, which does seem quite plausible, especially considering Beyonce has been all about big reveals for the last one week. Earlier, she also posted throwback, never seen before pictures of her former girl group Destiny's Child.


While it was meant to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their first hit single "No, No, No", and the news of the Carters' legal team shutting down Instagram accounts that leaked the twins' photos are still fresh, it's a known fact that nothing is impossible for the Queen Bey.

Update: the story has been debunked by Gossip Cop.