Jennifer Winget's new show Beyhadh 2 has been receiving overwhelming responses from all corners. It's been just a few days since the show started and fans are gushing over the actress's terrific performance as Maya, who is someone who loves passionately but can go to any extent to seek revenge. Many Twitter users also said she has nailed her performance in the very first episode itself.

Jennifer Winget in Beyhadh 2
Jennifer Winget in Beyhadh 2Instagram

Jennifer is the heart and soul of the season but did you know how much the gorgeous actress charges every episode? 

According to a report in SpotboyE, Jennifer charges a massive amount of about Rs1.80-1.85 lakh per day. Shivin Narang, who plays the role of Rudra, is paid about Rs 85-90,000 per episode.

Beyhadh 2 plotline

The series Beyhadh is a revenge drama and just like Jennifer's character Maya in the first season, the new show will see Maya with shades of grey. Beyhadh 2 will see Maya having an agenda and her path will be of hatred rather than love. The plot of the show is rumoured to revolve around Maya, who falls in love with an older man Mrityunjay Roy aka MJ (played by Ashish Chowdhry). After the character dumps her, she seeks revenge by falling in love with MJ's son Rudra (Shivin).

About Jennifer's character Maya

Talking about her character, the actress told in an interview earlier, "I am completely in love with my character. So much so, it called for a do-over! But no, in all seriousness, the show gave me a blank canvas to chart the course of my character. Being out of the box, you have the opportunity to get creative."

About audiences' response, Jennifer Winget said, "Not very often do roles like this fall into your lap, so for an actor it really gets you to push your limits, whilst working within your resources. The show and character are both close to heart. The whole team has put in a lot of thought and effort to come up with the final look for Maya in Season 2 of 'Beyhadh' so, I hope the audience shows the same amount of appreciation and love, if not more."