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Losing weight is a one of the most common new year resolutions. And many are signing up for the gym with new year zeal to burn some calories.

But do you know that you might be infected with some deadly viruses as your gym has worse viruses than the toilet seats?

According to a new research by Fit Rated, most of the gym equipment are riddled with harmful viruses that might cause diseases like pneumonia and septicaemia.

Meanwhile, the worst part is even the gym towels can carry loads of viruses which also led to some of the grossest skin diseases. And, this particular new skin virus called molluscum contagiosum is reportedly on the rise at gyms.

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Dr Adam Friedmann, who is a consultant dermatologist at the Harly Street Dermatology Clinic, told Refinery29, "It spreads by skin-to-skin contact usually, either sexually or non-sexually, although sharing towels can also cause it to spread. So it can easily spread in gyms via contaminated laundry."

The dermatologist also noted some of the symptoms of the skin disease caused by the virus — are some kind of skin rashes or pimples which can grow on different parts of a human body especially around armpits and genitals.

Even if you take precautions like bringing your own towel, still you are on the edge of getting infected by the molluscum contagiosum because it is not preventable.

Dr. Friedmann explained: "Although there is no cure, eventually immunity prevails and the condition is self-limiting." Basically meaning you have to wait it out, but that can be anything from four to nine months.

An anonymous 28-year-old woman based out of West London described her experience: "It started with just one little raised flesh-coloured bump at the top of my thigh, which I just thought was a spot and ignored. When it didn't clear up I worried it was a genital wart, then after a couple of weeks a couple more bumps came around my vagina, and soon I had several clumps of about five each."

"I obviously thought I had an STI and freaked, accusing my long-term boyfriend of all sorts. I went to the STI clinic and they could tell just by looking that it was actually molluscum contagiosum."

She further added, "It's three months on now and I feel embarrassed and dirty even though I know it's nothing I've done, and it really affects my self esteem."