Better Call Saul
Better Call Saul season 4: Renewed or cancelled?Facebook/Better Call Saul

AMC's Better Call Saul has left fans asking for more. Avid followers of the Breaking Bad spinoff have enjoyed the season. However, with Better Call Saul season 3 concluded on Monday night, people are curious regarding season 4.

To fans' disappointment and surprise, the AMC show hasn't been renewed for the fourth season yet. The drop in the ratings of season 3, noted as the lowest viewer ratings of the three-season series, has got everyone doubting the show's future.

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If the show is renewed, and many do hope that the renewal announcement should be on its way, it won't be out until 2018. According to, season 1 began filming in June 2014 and the show premiered in February 2015. Keeping this schedule as reference, if the show is renewed in the coming month, filming might begin by August and season 4 should go on air sometime between March and May 2018.

However, if the show is cancelled and this was the last we see of Better Call Saul, does the season 3 final serve as a satisfying end? The co-creator of the show, Peter Gould, told Entertainment Weekly that it will leave numerous strings untied.

"So many things that have been cooking—some of them through all three seasons of the show—finally come to a boil. The end of the season is unlike anything we've done on Better Call Saul, and it certainly leads to a helluva lot of questions," he told the website.

If the loose ends keep AMC curious, there are chances that the show will be renewed. But fans should be prepared for some heartbreaking news. After all, a number of popular shows, such as Sense8 and Last Man Standing, were surprisingly cancelled and the decision received massive flak on social media.

While you wait for season 4 updates, all episodes of Better Call Saul season 3 are available online.