Cocaine dealers caught by CCB

The Bengaluru Central Crime Branch team on Monday arrests two Nigerian nationals for selling Cocaine in the city. Form their residence, 14.5 grams of Cocaine was seized to the value of Rs 3 lakhs. 

The Anti-Narcotics Wing (ANW) made the arrest and further investigation into the matter is still on.

2 Nigerian nationals arrested for selling Cocaine

The Bengaluru city police have been seriously cracking down on the sale and use of drugs in the city. On Monday, the Central Crime Branch had announced a new arrest in Sampigehalli, Yelahanka. 

Two Nigerian nationals — 20-year-old Christian Ozeoemena Chimerie and 30-year-old Okonkwo Benjamin Chukwudi— were arrested by the CCB's ANW team led by police officers KC Gautam, and Police Inspectors G Lakshmikanthaya and Hajresh Khiledar. 


The two accused drug dealers were staying at the MN Gokulam Apartment in Yelahanka. The police said in their press release that the two were holding and selling Cocaine in the apartment. The police said that they had seized 14.5 grams of Cocaine at the apartment, 2 two-wheelers, three mobile phones and a weighing machine. The value of the Cocaine seized is Rs 3 lakhs.

The police said, "The alleged persons came to India on Nigerian business visas and stayed within the Sampigehalli Police station limits. They bought cocaine from a Nigerian contact and made a network through which they were selling to customers," this was revealed in the primary investigation. Further investigation continues in the case.