Man kills wife and tries to pass it off as an accident--Representational imageJohannes Simon/Getty Images

A Bengaluru-based techie was arrested for trying to pass his wife's murder off as an accident. The man, Mohammed Samiullah of Lakkasandra, allegedly killed his wife and told the police that she fell to her death from the couple's apartment.

According to The Times of India, Samiullah is said to have attacked his wife with a hard object, killing her. A resident of Sobha Apartments in the area, he told the police that the victim, aged 23, that she fell from the first floor of the building by accident and died as a result of the fall.

Mohammed Samiullah was married to another woman earlier but divorced her and married Fauziya Bhanu. The report mentions that the wedding took place in September 2017.

The police from Adugodi said that on October 27,  Samiullah called Bhanu's parents, and told them that she, a homemaker, had fallen from their apartment building, from the first floor. He reportedly told them that he had taken their daughter to Victoria Hospital for treatment.

He told them that she actually fell in the evening at around 5:30 pm, but the report mentions that Bhanu was brought to the hospital three hours later, by 8:30 pm.

Adugodi police took the statement from Samiullah, notes the report, and registered her passing as a case of "unnatural death". Following this, the girl's parents did not seem convinced by the account that Samiullah gave the police, and were suspicious about the story, telling the police that he might be involved in the death of their daughter. Upon further probing, the police found out from the couple's neighbours that the relationship was not entirely cordial and that they used to fight a lot.

With the postmortem report being prepared, the results suggested that the cause of the woman's death seemed to be more of a murder by a hard object. The police then took Samiullah into custody and booked him for murder.