Protest against Hindi imposition in Bengaluru
Protestors stormed the KSR Railway station in Bengaluru tearing down the signboard on September 14th. (Photo: Screenshot/@KarunadaSevakaruofficial)@KarunadaSevakaruofficial/Facebook

As Hindi Diwas approached, there were many that were unhappy with the idea of celebrating it. The storm against Hindi imposition has been brewing for a while now in the country. With states like Tamil Nadu seeing the idea of Hindi abrasive to their identity.

On Monday, many pro-Kannada groups in Bengaluru and Kannada activists have been protesting the use of Hindi in Karnataka. The group even took down a Hindi signboard at the Kanteerva Sangolli Rayanna Railway Station in Bengaluru.

KSR signboard vandalised

Videos emerged on social media including Facebook and Twitter on Monday showing a group of protestors tear down a Hindi signboard. Kannada activists have been opposed to the idea of issuing challans and signboards in English and Hindi sidelining Kannada.

Protests were held at different locations in the city on the occasion of Hindi Diwas. In the video, protestors are seen climbing onto the wall to use rocks to smash the Hindi lettering. The group of protestors held slogans calling for a takedown of Hindi in the state as well. 

The pro-Kannada organisations held numerous protests around the city of Bengaluru. The cries against Hindi imposition have been growing louder especially on Hindi Diwas, even as many in the country celebrate the occasion. 

This is not the first time signboards have been blackened due to the Hindi lettering in Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka. It is still unclear whether an action was taken against the groups for removing the Hindi lettering on the signboard. 

Further details will be published as and when received.