Drum Circle
Bengaluru City Police gather at the Drum Circle event held in Orion Mall, Yeshwantpur.

In an attempt to build the spirit of unity and to unwind from the around-the-clock work schedule, Bengaluru City Police organised an enthralling 'Drum Circle' session for almost 600 city police personnel of the Northern Division at Bengaluru's Orion mall located in Yeshwantpur. 

600 Bengaluru Policemen jam during 'Drum Circle' 

The 'Drum Circle' workshop, organised under the guidance of city police commissioner Bhaskar Rao, IPS, was facilitated by the acclaimed musician Vasundhara Das by the mall's lakeside. The refreshing musical experience witnessed the presence of Bengaluru Police officers and staff of the North Division including DCP N Shashikumar (North Division). 

Bengaluru city police commissioner Bhaskar Rao, IPS, took to his twitter handle and shared, "A Drum circle Stress Buster Event-was organised near lakeside of Orion mall for 600 Bangalore City Police officers and staff. Eminent Star Vasundara Das conducted...a great recognition and opportunity."

 Musician Vasundhara Das facilitates the session

During the musical experiential session, the policemen were seated in a concentric circle, with each of them playing the drums or a percussion instrument. Bengaluru Police, known for their exceptional work, was seen in a different avatar playing the instruments and enjoying themselves. 

During the jamming session, they were seen laughing, subtly grooving and connecting with each other which created an ultimate stress-busting environment.  The idea behind the Drum Circle session was to mainly acknowledge the efforts of Bengaluru Police and build a sense of togetherness.