What happens to old buses that can't be used to carry people anymore? Somebody saw in these buses space, space that could be modified and ultimately turned into a woman's toilet. In this novel innovation on Thursday the  Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation launched a 'Sthree toilet' at the Majestic.

Sthree toilet

This initiative that KSRTC has taken up along with BIAL is looking at new ways to turn old scrap buses into usable mobile spaces in Bengaluru. 

KSRTC's 'Sthree toilet' hits the road

While this initiative is a first for Karnataka, cities like Pune have concepts of mobile toilets, since 2016. Even in that case, old buses were converted into toilets by the Pune Municipal Corporation. 

In a project that costs Rs 12 lakhs, according to a PTI report, these old buses will have three Indian-style toilets and two western-style ones. The list of facilities includes:

  • Baby feeding place
  • Diaper changing/Incinerator
  • Sanitary napkin vending machine
  • Washbasins
Sthree toilet
Laxman Savadi/Facebook

Moreover, these toilets will have solar lights and sensors, based on the concept of self-generated energy. This is not meant to be your average toilet unit. 

This particular Sthree toilet as it has been named was stationed at the Majestic bus stand in the city. The unit was inaugurated by Deputy CM and Minister for Transport Laxman Savadi, who took to Twitter to post about it, "In conjunction with the Bangalore International Airport Authority and KSRTC's social concern and the concept of a clean India, the useless buses have been transformed into "female toilets" which were incorporated today at Majestic Bus Stand."

Laxman Savadi inaugurates Sthree toilet
Laxman Savadi/Facebook

More such buses will be converted the KSRTC has said and has stressed on cleanliness as a top priority, "The corporation believes that cleanliness is a top concern providing basic infrastructure to women passengers at bus stops." 

However, there are certain questions that do come into a woman passenger's mind such as safety, and whether the toilet will be convenient to use, and the cleanliness going forward. Perhaps, time and the usage of these Sthree toilets will answer these concerns.