Bengaluru violence
Bengaluru: Vehicles burnt by an irate mob during violence that erupted late on Tuesday night that resulted after an inflammatory social media post by Congress legislator Akanda Srinivas Murthy's relative, in parts of East Bengaluru, on Aug 12, 2020. Three people have reportedly died and several others injured in the arson. Over 100 rioters have been arrested. A "thorough" magisterial investigation has been ordered into the riots which broke out in east Bengaluru on Tuesday night, Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa said on Wednesday. (Photo: IANS)IANS

The Bengaluru riot is still fresh in the minds of the citizenry in Karnataka. The riot causes some old debates to be brutally reopened, such as communal discord. This is often a question or debate, India has had to face repeatedly since its inception.

Now, netizens have been dedicating their voices seeking a ban on the Popular Front of India and Social Democratic Party of India. The Karnataka government has been hinting at a ban since the riot broke out, however, they've not yet initiated it. 

What does it mean to ban the PFI and SDPI in Karnataka?

The violence witnessed in KG Halli and DJ Halli, Bengaluru no doubt was a series of incidents that shouldn't have happened. The political lobbying that began after that was centred on finding a specific, elusive, yet evident culprit. The perfect idea, individual, party, or vessel to carry the blame. This is not new for a riot or any other violence in the country.

The investigation proceeded as the debates around the topic grew more fierce, numerous arrests were made. Illicit connections of various rioters and terror links emerged since then, making the situation harder to dissect. Moreover, the suggestion that this could have been a pre-planned event, created more uncertainty.

Considering, statements and arrests made, numerous prominent SDPI members and party workers including Muzammil Pasha were arrested in connection to the violence on August 11th. The state government last week urged that a ban would be possible on these two political organisations once evidence was gathered and a police report was filed, the Bangalore Mirror reported. 

Even as the hints are being dropped towards a ban, it'll take time for the move to materialise. While SDPI's competition with the Congress in Karnataka has grown over time, PFI's reported links to the murders of RSS activists in the state have made them targets during the Bengaluru violence. 

The netizens' demands

#BanPFI_StopRiots continued to trend on Twitter on Thursday, as netizens demanded that the political organisation be banned. The calls for the band are coming from various parts of the country. However, for Karnataka, the reasons for their demand is closer to home. 

A Twitter user wrote, "The state of Jharkhand has already banned PFI activities in its state. UP, Karnataka and Assam had also demanded a ban on PFI for Anti-CAA violence. Now Karnataka has again demanded ban on PFI for its alleged role in Bengaluru riots!"

Tweet demanding ban on PFI
Tweet demanding ban on PFI

Another user wrote, "when there is enough evidence against PFI, it's involvement in riots happened all over the country and killing selectively Hindu Leaders, Govt. shouldn't hesitate to ban this dangerous outfit."

So, what will the government's call be?