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The victim was gang raped by 6 unidentified men. (Representational Image)Valeri Pizhanski/Flickr

In a shocking incident that took place in Anekal, a major town near Bengaluru, a 26-year-old woman was gang-raped and brutally thrashed by six unidentified men leaving her with grave injuries and a severe fracture. She has now recounted her horrific ordeal.

The injured victim was rescued in a naked state by an activist 36 hours after she was sexually assaulted. The survivor's suffering made the headlines on Thursday when she underwent an operation to fix her fractured hand on December 13.

Here's the account of her ordeal

The survivor who has been living in Bengaluru for the past 14 years after she lost her family in an earthquake, earns her living by washing utensils in a hotel for Rs 50 a day, said a Times Now report

Earlier reports had claimed that the victim is from Nepal.

On November 23, six men groped her and dragged her to an abandoned structure near her house. They not only took turns to rape her but also thrashed her mercilessly, which left her with limb and hip injuries, a swollen knee and a fractured right hand.

Haryana teen gang raped
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"Three men attacked me and hurled me at the wall like a ball. They hit my legs with stones even as they shot videos with their phones. I was crying in pain," the victim narrated.

However, the men did not leave immediately. They sat down, drank beer, and smoked cigarettes before leaving.

No help from passers-by

The news outlet also quoted the survivor as saying that as her perpetrators had raped her throughout the night, she could barely walk.

"With hardly any clothes on my body, I crawled to the main road the next morning and sat near the bus stop the whole day. No one approached me and I was too scared to speak to anyone", she said.

When no one helped her, she crawled back to a nearby tea stall where she fell asleep.

On November 25, she crawled back to the bus stop, where she was fortunately noticed by an activist. The activist rushed her to an emergency service called One Stop crisis centre, in the Bowring hospital.

Patient at hospital
The survivor is being treated at the Bowring hospital. (Representational Image)Public Domain Pictures

Victim was forcefully evicted

Though the police are investigating the case, no arrests have been made.

But they have found out that the victim who used to live in an abandoned building was forcefully evicted from the dilapidated house, a day before she was sexually assaulted in the same building.