11-year-old boy kidnapped in Bengaluru rescued
11-year-old kidnapped in Bengaluru rescued within 24 hours of abduction by city police. (Photo: ANI)ANI/Twitter

The Bengaluru city police's recent rescue of an 11-year-old boy in the city has been a massive feat. The boy was rescued within 24 hours of being abducted on Thursday. He has now been reunited with his family. 

 The kidnappers had also demanded Rs 2 crores in ransom from the family. The team of police officers who cracked the case has received a reward, for their incredible effort.

11-year-old rescued within 24 hours of abduction

On Saturday, the Bengaluru Commissioner of Police Kamal Pant praised the efforts of Bengaluru's team which rescued an 11-year-old boy after he was kidnapped. The boy was lured from Shivaji Nagar and was taken to Ulsoor, and then was taken 75 kilometres away to Tumakuru on Thursday, the police had said.

The family were given a note the next day demanding a ransom of Rs 2 crores. A team was formed following the abduction who managed the crack the case in less than 24 hours. Soon after, 6 men in connection to the crime were arrested. The boy was reunited with his family.

The boy's mother told ANI, "They demanded Rs 2 crores & asked us not to contact the police. But we did, and the police conducted a really thorough probe throughout the city and apprehended the kidnappers." 

Team that caught kidnappers
Team awarded a reward for apprehending kidnappers of a 11-year-old boy in Bengaluru in less than 24 hours.@CPBlr/Twitter

Praising the department's efforts, Commissioner Kamal Pant said about the case, "Appreciate the swift action by@DCPEastBCP and team for solving the kidnapping case of an 11-yr old boy within 24 Hrs after a tough chase. 6 persons arrested had demanded a ransom of 2 Cr. Diligence of the team is noteworthy. A reward of ₹50,000 has been given to the team."