As the nation-wide lockdown has curtailed the sale of liquor in the states, people have been trying desperate measures to buy and sell the alcoholic drinks.

The ban imposed on the sale of alcohol was probably the most discussed during these lockdown days, apart from the discussions on the spread of the deadly contagion.

Bootlegger arrested in Bengaluru
Bootlegger arrested in Bengaluru. IANS

Bootlegger arrested in Bengaluru

In addition to this, the police have been randomly seizing illicit liquor productions from alleged centres.

In Bengaluru, 31-year-old bootlegger, Roshan Bhateja was arrested on 28 April for attempting to sell foreign liquor through a Facebook page during the lockdown.

According to Central Crime Branch (CCB) Deputy Commissioner of Police Kuldeep Jain's reports to the media, "We contacted Roshan Bhateja through a Facebook page undercover and deposited some money for the delivery. As he came to deliver the liquor on Palace Road near the French Consulate, we arrested him."

Liquor sold at triple the price

The accused has reportedly accumulated duty free foreign liquor overtime right before lockdown.

Considering the least availability of alcohol on these days, Bhateja was attempting to sell the bottles at triple the price, making a good fortune out of it.

The police have seized 24 liquor bottles from him, that included Scotch whisky Laphroaig, Ballantine's, Cardhu, Teacher's, 100 Pipers, Johnnie Walker, Balvenie, Black & White and others. They also seized an orange Hyundai i10 car, KA 01 MM 5305, and an iPhone 11 from Bhateja.

Liquor ban
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"We arrested him red handed as he came in a car to deliver the illegal liquor," said Jain.

According to Jain, Bhateja lives on Palace Road near Mount Carmel College and Shangri-La hotel. He was working as a financial and garment consultant in the city, said the official.
He also added that the accused will be quarantined and will be later sent to judicial custody.

Meanwhile, Sandeep Patil, Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime, tweeted, "While some continue to attempt to sell things prohibited in lockdown, CCB continues to raid them," mentioning on the bootlegger's arrest in the city.

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